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  1. i have a set of brand new EL glow gauges to suit R33 GTR very easy to install, i did mine in about an hour. just simply sits ontop of original gauges, almost no heat is generate from the gauges so wont damage the cluster. just connect to original headlight wires. has 2 color modes Blue or Green has dimmer switch. professionally made high quality anti scratch anti glare materials. Price: $70 pick up Keilor VIC or $80 delivered in aust. cheers
  2. i have a set of brand new el glow gauges to suit r33 gtst kit comes with white face dials switch for green or blue lights dimmer switch inverter its very easy to install, just place it over original dials. dont need to remove needles. price : $100 im located in melbourne. cheers
  3. i have a brand new EL GLOW dials to suit r33 gtr. its easy to install and simply fits ontop of original dials. can also change between blue or green lighting. kit comes with gauges dimmer switch blue green switch. positive negative wire. all you need to do is piggy back into headlight wire. price: $70 im based in melbourne, can post anywhere in australia. any questions pm me please. cheers.
  4. my cars been garaged for 3months. had to charge the battery to start it up. idles and drives really rough. havent had chance to service it yet.
  5. dont know. some pics on my cam phone turns upsidedown.
  6. just imported and registered, 96 SII Vspec mods are; exhaust hks pods and piping 100mm cooler hks pillar gauges hks boost controller oil cooler navigator interior excellent exterior few scratches $27,500 melbourne western 0421454983[attac ment=82103:attachment]
  7. i have noticed that my oil temp gauge is reading a bit higher than usual. regardless of ambient temp or hard driving just in general driving it has recently risen to around 100-105degs as opposed to normally 85-90. oil pressure is normal. oil pump is new. just changed oil. any ideas??
  8. just taken out of car very reliable and clean turbos. no oil no mevement. 0413 88 59 88
  9. my friend removed and fitted new turbos on his car not long ago. took him 3hrs out and two hours in. then i did the same on my car took 4hrs out 2hrs in. we both never did this before. i thought it was gonna be a nightmare but once you start undoing a few nut n bolts its not actually as hard as it looks. all the tools i had was a 56pce spanner socket set and ratchet spanner set. its a bit tricky but worth the effort if it saves money.
  10. just upgraded from 7spi to 14psi actuators for 2530's. took car for a drive and could only build boost to 10psi. took them back and got 19psi actuators put them in and drove but could only build boost to 12psi. turned boost controller on to set duty for 19psi and it holds fine. more to the point.. shouldnt 19psi actuators run 19spi on its own???
  11. i dont know. we did a compression test and all cylinders are only a few pounds apart if that is an indication. would it be safe to say its highly unlikely (99.9%) that its not the turbo seals?
  12. is this normal cause theres quite a bit of oil. i hav the same set up on mine and its dry as
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