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  1. Polar Episode on YouTube
  2. changing the o2 sensor will help, changed mine and i went from 300km a tank to about 430km tank.
  3. Hi!, just woundering what colours do the LM Gt4 come in? and how much for a set? Thanks!
  4. if this groupbuys still going, i'll be in for black 18x8.5 30 X4, how much was it with tyres included?
  5. good luck with the sale, im still trying to my supra too must be a small world, we got the same rims!
  6. not sure but the ford globs might fit, the toyota guys recommened them when my dash lights went out in the supra and they look similar to the pic you have there. best bet would be to go in with one and try to match it up.
  7. yeah its a common r34 thing, nothing to worry too much about just replace the coils, usually people go for the splitfire ones (normally sell for about $500 a set); im currently replacing mine, as my skylines been doing it for some time now however its only recently got bad enough to really piss me off and order a set . when it happens i dont believe any real damage is being done, i just give it the boot for a few seconds and it clears it right up.
  8. is the gb covering these items or is it complete kit only?
  9. is it possible just to get that black bottom lip seperatly?
  10. interested, just woundering if anyone has pics from the last gb of there seat covers in their car? (preferably an r34)
  11. i was checking the slidewize auctions yesterday and theres a er34 factory front lip for the series 1 bumper on there for about 18000yen i think which is about $200au.
  12. is that a powerplay gtr style lip? looks great btw, but yeah, paint that black bit.
  13. there really needs to be desalination plants built all around australia, as we cant keep relying on water restictions and the hope of rain to fix our water problem, desalination plants would be a good investment as our population grows we cant forever live on water restrictions, damn it, i want to be able to buy a pool and fill it. washed my skyline the yesterday at the car wash, about $4 gets the job done, and how does high pressure water scratch your car??
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