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  1. Hi guys, What's the plastic box type thing that is inside the R32 GTS T fuel tank? It has a hose line connected to it.
  2. Hi guys, I after a r32 gtst fuel tank and the fuel pump cradle setup. Mine is full of rust Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Im after a Walbro 460 F90000274 Fuel pump Thanks
  4. R32 GTST Coupe parts wanted Hi, I after the following, must be in good nick, no scratches etc All for R32 GTST type m coupe Drivers side door card Passenger door window glass no scratches Console stereo surround trim Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies guys , I might just go R32 GTR rims I think. No issues with them fitting? Dont need to roll guards or anything?
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, was hoping to get something used with RWC tyres from around $1000 - $1200
  7. What rims do you guys recomend for my R32 GTST? Hi guys, Thinking of replacing my stock rims with something else, what do you guys recommend? I would like something wider for better traction
  8. Hi guys, I have tried testing for boost leaks on my RB20DET but seem to be missing a pipe to block, as air in getting in the engine What is the proper procedure ?
  9. Hi guys, Im after a replacement turbo for my R32 GTST , it came from japan with a HKSGT2540, that has 0 response. Would like something that spools up quicker and still offers good top end if possiable Can has NISTUNE, HKS GT2540, Z32 AFM, GTR injectors , walbro 255 FP. 3"Xforce system , larger intercooler. LC1 Wideband
  10. Excellent that would be awesome mate
  11. Thanks mate , is it run from one of the fuses? Or another location? First time I have installed one. Wouldn't have a pic?
  12. Thanks guys, I got a bung installed before the cat and ran it up past the shiftier boot. Just have to find the best 12V source to use now
  13. The factory NB is in the down pipe that is coming off the turbo, I could get a bung put in I suppose and run it up through the gearshifter hole and power it via cigarette lighter? What 12V source and ground did you tap into? Just thought I could replace the NB and use the LC1 NB emulation , but thats imperative
  14. Hi Guys, I want to install a LC1 wideband into my R32 GTST, and was after some advice on the best way to do it. Should I install it in the NB factory location and wire up the factory plug for the power, NB emulation, ground ? Also where is the best location to route the cable into the cabin. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
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