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  1. thanks heaps fo dat mate.. i'm in sydney, guess dat makes it hard aye! but thanks anyways! = ) P.S: lik ur car mate, looks schmiiick! ; )
  2. hey guys, i'm looking for a HiFi Music System for ma bedroom! not fussy abt da brand or anything but jus want something powerful n in a good shape. plz let me kno if anyone has anything to offer... cheerz..
  3. Man wat happened to ya that nite was really SAD bro...i so feel for ya! u were pissed off all nite n who wouldnt be! Jus get them things done ASAP bro so we can go cruising on friday nites lik always! BL****Y COPS! ***uuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghh*
  4. HA HA HA!!! Man all they did was winge bro...remember how we all started off the mark on da lights..ha ha ha...we bloody went pas so fast n so further that we almost thought that he gave up n then he started complainin abt him not havin good start! ha ha ha.... but man i saw youz go on the roll n that was mad! ppl, R34NOS smoked the hell outta that SS man! he he... Hey Moanie, sorry abt them stares gurl, umm well if only i'd knew it was MOANIE from the forums man i wud stop da car rite ther n come talk to ya n even tak u for a lil cruise in da R34..he he...wic indeed r much betta than R33 babez lolz.... oh well maybe nex time!
  5. YEA!!! spotted R34NOS as well and went cruisin down da CITY n CRONULLA..spotted a few lines as well...but da whole cruise was MAD FUN! 2 R34s crusin down the roads side by side, all it did waz turned heads man Got some pics from da cruise uploaded in ma gallery as well!
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  8. AHH!!! thats a hell lot of power man! Ur car is powerful too cuz..dont ya worry m8!
  9. Spotted a nice black R33 GtsT on Hassall Street at Parra at abt 8pm AW--PW somethin...lolz..
  10. i'm wit just cars but yea i think u shud look at Famous & Classic as they mite be able to add u on da insurance & they also do have the pay as you go monthly option! umm I think Shannons do that too but i can bet ya that they will never let u add on as they have some very stringent policies, they also knocked me bak coz I'm 20 so well there u go!!! Good luck...
  11. hey man....sorry to hear abt ur car but i'm so F***** Happy to hear that those F*****S got caught man!!! i think we shud all get together n ask for this matter to be further investigated in regards wit all our skylines being stolen withing the last 2 months or so...maybe it cud lead to something, u neva kno!!! Wat do you guyz think???
  12. hey hummer Lover.. there a few scratches but hardly noticeable... 80-85% on the front n abt 65% on the rear!
  13. Hey ppl... want to sell these nice lookin n eye catchin 18" chromies wit good rubber on them and wit this price, u will never be disappointed! :headspin: I'm askin $600 for them and I'm in Sydney so if any one wants to come down n hav a look n pik it up, ur more than welcome! Also I have a stock original Nissan BOV n can sell it for $30! PM me for any offers....
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