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  1. Whats wrong with owning a Cedric? I knicknamed my first car Cedric (Cedric the Celica), and irony of it all is that i know own a Cedric, i cant think of a name for it. AFAIK the only Y32 (91+) Cedric in Australia; was a private import from HK. Lots of Y31 (oldschool shape) came in under the 15yr rule, but these were never eligible
  2. I certainly wouldnt be doing this to sell the tyres. Due to my suspension setup i tend to go through tyres quicker than most street-only cars (excessive camber, about 6000kms for the rear tyres, a bit more for the front). While i fully accept the consequences of doing this, i am just looking for some ways to save money where i can. I know the exact size wheels i need, and i dont believe i would be covered for warranty even if i bought the tyres locally because of the stretched configuration i run them with. Right now i have Kumho Ecsta's and they have been great value, but when i saw the prices my friend was paying i thought i would investigate that option Considering the free trade agreement we have with the US, I figure the only costs should be GST and Freight. I paid around $500 to post 6 coilovers to the US by air last year, and that was over 50kg in weight. 4 tyres would weight the same if not less, and when added to the cost of the tyres it would still be less than they cost here. Even cheaper if i did sea freight.
  3. I have been ringing around for prices on Federal 595SS tyres and the cheapest i can find is $220/tyre. Compare this with the US price of $69/tyre, and i think someone is making alot of money. If i have someone willing to send me the tyres, and assuming shipping wont be too hard, are there any other things i need to consider? Rules?
  4. I searched the Datascan site and also on here. Lots of people happy with their purchase, and the datascan site has info on what to do once you have paid... But no info on how or where to pay! I assume there is a Paypal address somewhere? Anyone know?
  5. Thanks for that! Any word on the coil-packs? can you use the software to tell me what other cars use the same ones with this car?
  6. Hi, I have a Y32 Cedric: Chassis No.: PY32-770579 Model Num.: MLEARUNY32EDAE009Y looking to find out whether the coilpack for my engine is compatible with any of the RB series engines. I believe it is the same as a CA18 coilpack... E.G. is it the same as an RB20 coilpack?
  7. Sounds like you had fun. I cant remember if you said you were planning on leaving europe early to revisit tokyo, but i would advise against that, no matter how much fun you had... Reason is: you can get to Tokyo for $1000 return (or thereabouts), and its not much hassle to do a 1 week journey next year or whatever. Planning a europe trip is much more expensive and bigger hassle. Make the most of your available leave-time to enjoy europe. Do Japan again next year...
  8. Ok, after going through the same thing i have some info that can help. Firstly i was quoted $1600 each, plus 2 weeks shipping from Nissan. Dont know who you went through, but can you please give me their number because thats an awesome price for new struts!! Secondly, I spoke to some airbag suspension places and they told me it would be $700 to get aftermarket airbags put on the OEM struts. Compared to the $1600 that was quite tempting (cos aftermarket bags dont mind being deflated). Going through the any of the Yahoo Purchasing services was going to cost me about $400, and that was getting closer to my budget. Finally i rang JustJap in sydney and they managed to get me one front and both rear struts (secondhand) for $250!! Really dont know how they managed that because I cant imagine shipping being so cheap. Only downside was the 8 week wait. But i have them now, and although they look kinda old, they seem to be holding up... Anyway, as others have mentioned, you might be able to get coilovers for around the $1000+ mark from Yahoo auctions, but they all seem to be the JIC SF-1s and from what i have been told these are a brutally stiff coilover. Plus for me i *need* air sus because my front bar is only 1-2cm off the ground when the car is lowered just right... If you just need something to get you by, i have been told that R31 skyline (Aus spec) struts fit. Only problem is that the brakes are much smaller, and its 4 stud instead of 5 stud Another option is Z31 300ZX struts which are also supposed to be plug and play. THe turbo models had 5 stud, and similar brakes, but i believe they are kinda rare...
  9. I kind of like how the LEDs poke through the screw holes for the Serial ports, but i also think its important to be able to lock the serial cables onto the unit. Since many of these will be mounted permanently there is a chance that they could vibrate loose without the DB9 connector screws...
  10. LOL :lol: But still some truths in there. I love how in Australian sushi restaurants everyone stares at me when i eat sushi with my hands. Not sure about dipping the sushi until its noticeably heavier tho!
  11. NewKleer, if you can get a simple display on a PDA where i can choose which gauge to display, and make it skinnable so that i can design my own Gauge screen i would be very happy. I'll be running a car PC as well in the future, but for now i'd like to see something on my PDA
  12. Yep, the lady i bought it off imported it from Hong Kong when she moved here. Had engine problems when i bought it so i got it for a bargain, but cost heaps to fix Mine is a '94. But i'm pretty sure the Y32 only went until June 95! According to this site, those wheels are off a Y33: http://english.auto.vl.ru/catalog/nissan/c...5_6/photo/7103/ Even more rare!
  13. According to Nissan's Japanese page, Stagea is ステージア Which phonetically is pronounced Stayjia to us ozzies (correctly speaking its suteejia) And according to Bride's own webpage (http://www.bride-jp.com/) It is pronounced ブリッド (thats Briddo with an almost silent o) And again, according to Trust's webpage, Greddy section (http://www.trust-power.com/02greddy/index.html) Its グレッディ (greddy, all one word) Edit: Greddy comes from the words GReat and EDDY (whirlpool, that kind of thing)... You learn something new every day
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