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  1. Bump - Make an offer.... need to clear some space.
  2. Hi all, Iv got some stock R34 GTR that came off my car a while back, all came out of the car during an engine build, need to clear some room. All parts are in excellent working condition........ (Car had only travelled 50,000km at the time) At the moment there are the following parts: - Standard coil packs - $200 - Standard Injectors - $200 - Standard CAMS - $300 - Stock Fuel PUMP - $150 - Oil Pump - $100 - standard dump front pipe - $100 Offers welcome just send me a PM. Will consider shipping interstate at buyers expense. Ill take some pics when i get a chance, but all parts are in very good condition.
  3. Thanks Aaron, i know it took a while, i guess it came down to the price and mods it had in the end. A lot has been done since i took that baby off you
  4. Daniel thanks for the help, sourced the box from Aaron at import monster... All done now...
  5. Damien it will have to be a permanent setup. Thanks Daniel ill give aaron a go.
  6. Still looking for a standard airbox....
  7. Thanks for the extra info guys. Very helpful.
  8. How much did u sell it for? Ok but a GTR comes with a cooler standard, so does that count? like if its the stock intercooler with pod filters?
  9. Hi All, Looking for a stock airbox for an r34 gtr. Otherwise does anyone know how strict the vic rules are on pod filters??? Thanks Mass
  10. Rego till 20th December. Price is negotiable.
  11. Something has come up and i really need the cash. Looking for $70k negotiable
  12. bump... still for sale... had lots of inquiries but mostly for trades on cars im not really after, need the money for an investment make an offer
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