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  1. cause I've got mic's that are at 0.0001" precision....and a shit set of snap gauges that tell me my bores are all over the place when they're not trying to keep the same level of precision I guess 0.01mm would work 2 years of pretty much doing nothing haha
  2. ps does anybody have a bore gauge that has good resolution (like 0.0001") that i could borrow pretty puleze?
  3. progress report on the pulsar 1) I still haz it 2) but its been on stands and in pieces for almost 2 years lolol one sr20 is in pieces and the other is almost all apart
  4. been asked if i want to go to autosalon by my mate today tempting as fark but money is lowwwwwwww
  5. ask the person whose car it is for sale?
  6. closed you've posted here http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/440157-v35-issue-desperate-need-of-help/ if anybody has any insight, they can put it there for everybody to see
  7. thanks for the heads up, but this is a case of 'well, yeaaaaaaaaah, it's your own fault for not checking' most people realise this and do this sort of thing BEFORE purchasing a vehicle it's all pretty straight forward stuff, and most people get this sort of thing done before buying ANY car (which is smart to do)
  8. anybody that deals with import engines should be able to do the job tbh try some of the places listed above - if they won't do it, they may be able to recomend
  9. I have a few Classic Carlectable die cast models for sale 1:18 Craig Lowndes 2005 BA Falcon Team Vodafone BETTA Electrical Championship runner up car $180 (the blue livery colours - one of 1800) 1:18 Craig Lowndes 2009 FG Falcon Team Vodafone year car $180 (the classic silver/red livery colours - one of 2000) 1:64 Craig Lowndes 2009 FG Falcon Team Vodafone year car $30 1:43 Jamie Whincup car (possibly 2008 championship car, but will have to confim) $50 1:43 Alan Gurr Britek Motorsport 2007 BF Falcon year car $40 (Irwin Tools blue/orange livery - #580 of 1000) 1:43 Alex Davidson Stone Brothers Racing 2009 FG Falcon year car $40 (Irwin Tools blue/yellow livery - #284 of 750) 1:10 2009 Garry Rogers Motorsport VE Commodore signature bonnet $30 (Silver bonnet with Valvoline 'V' on it, no signatures - have 4 of these) Signed and laminated photo of Craig Lowndes $offer All these items are BNIB, and have not been displayed, and come with COA (except the bonnets, they never came with COAs) Pictures to come Throw me an offer on any of these items Shipping will be $15 flat rate for the 1:18 scale, $8 flat rate for the 1:43, 1:64, and the 1:10 bonnet
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