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    fuel economy

    Hey, top thread guys! Are there different fuel economy figures between the neo and non-neo stageas? Likewise, have the blokes who have done the manual conversion achieved better results? I'm still researching which stagea is the best to buy & the threads at SAU are the best advice on the net for sure
  2. Hey yeah, that would be perfect for posting pics for our cars. (hint-hint admin blokes ) The polls are quite good to sometimes.
  3. Check out a forum called 4OSX Sure its a Mac forum which has nothing to do with SAU, but it is really good to use and has a few nifty features as well. It had an upgrade about 6 months ago now. Good search tools are really important in a forum. Saving tons of repeat topics like 'which air filter should I fit to my R33'
  4. m0dular


    Hmm, I know I am probably going to rustle a few feathers here but, oh well. A skyline mechanic friend of mine does not rate the RE401 autos at all. And that's putting it nicely. What's is the genreal consensus out there? It seems that Gary is slowly going grey (or even balding) with his auto troubles. Is the RE401 the Achilles heal of the mighty stagea, and what are the must do mods to improve the reliability & performance of the auto? And most improtantly, is there a serious weakness in a particular series (ie. the Neo) With that many auto stageas out there I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering. PS. I want to buy a stagea, I reckon they are the perfect package!!
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