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  1. N I B


    Gone from one of the biggest forums to a nothing, Did we all move away from Skylines? I still have a Few but the Import Image became very dodgy.
  2. CP was never your problem. I guess you have a good idea what was.
  3. Take it to your panal shop, they sort it all for you. Damage control in Maddington is your best option.
  4. Good Diesel Head shop, enough said. Good luck with good machine shops in WA now? Just can not get a good job anymore no matter what the budget is.
  5. I Live in Roleystone so I do most of my shopping in Armadale and find most of it very good,Armadale has Great shopping and good food etc. Along the railway line is a Getto as per most areas but everywhere else is very good. Very large Burb with some real bargins. Gosnells, and Kenwick is pure Getto so if Single Junky Mums and other down and outers are your thing then the place is full of them. $20 Hookers and a free Itch
  6. This may help http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/191756-consolidated-workshop-business-listing-thread/
  7. RB30 Forged Flat tops will give you the Comp you want for a nice streeter and RB30ET Pistons if you want very low comp. Buy some forged Flat tops from Spool etc.
  8. I have a V500 in my Racecar and its all good. Support it the only problem in many states.
  9. Just the 2 signal wires. Lots of threads over many years covering this so you will find what you need easy.
  10. Really your stuck with MAP sensors, Some think thats a better option so you should be able to trade your D jetro for a much more street freindly AFM version. Good move.
  11. Just go to KYP. Ben and Stevie lee are good guys.
  12. One thing i don't like about the Vipec is all the claims about it being 100% sorted and much better than anything on the market. Theres often problems and when you ask about the problem you get "Yes we know about that and will have a fix soon" Thats not sorted or the best on the Market. Haltech have been great, new firmware is sent out for free as soon as its ready so you can stay upto date, They understand things move on fast in the ECU world so don't make silly claims about being the greatest like Vipec people did.
  13. Not true, The Auto pilot is steel and presses in behind the Manual Bronze bush. You have to remove the Auto pilot.
  14. Most Auto RB Cranks have the Manual Pilot bush also, Remove the Steel Flexplate Hub and see if the thin bush is there,If so clean it well and lube it if not you can buy the bush from any Nissan dealer. Nissan have used the same bush since the late 60s on most Nissan/Datsuns.
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