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  1. Just got back from a holiday in Chennai India, Spotted this in the airport. There is money in Chennai as I spotted a Porsche Panamera in the very narrow back streets of Chennai and went to both the BMW and Audi Show rooms and they said they do sell lots of cars mainly diesels though. The streets were just wide enough for the fast arse Porsche to squeeze though, but can't remember seeing any Nissan products about. Cheers
  2. There was a great Show on McLaren and building of the new factory on TV the other night Mega Factories...
  3. Went to the Super Stage for the Taga Adelaide Snapped some pics with mi IPhone Enjoy... and and and and of course a new McLaren
  4. Spotted this story in the Age online..... http://theage.drive....0507-1y7m8.html
  5. Im sure you spotted the Nissan V* super Car on the front page of Auto Action? I thinks is the current issue....More here http://motoring.ninemsn.com.au/cars/motoraction/8416775/nissan-returns-in-v8-assault
  6. We live in interesting times. http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/nissan-to-join-v8-supercars-20120208-1req7.html
  7. Hi Rexdan I was in Gouger Street on the Friday Night with me nephew...The Jag in satin Black was a huge draw card, Lots of people snapping including me...Spotted it coming down the Freeway towards Adelaide on Saturday about 10.45 driven by pretty woman...
  8. This was a great comment in an article about the new Nissan Cabs for NYC Now is the time for NISSAN to use the GTR's drive train, gear box, engine and brakes in these taxis to ensure the public gets the best bang for the buck in riding a cab. Akuma | Not Germany - May 04, 2011, 12:41PM More here http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/revealed-new-yorks-new-yellow-cab-20110504-1e79l.html
  9. bmwpaul

    R35 at Clipsal 2010

    took these shots in the pits @ Clipsal 2010
  10. Nice Ride Looks FAB Congrats on the buy...
  11. A Pretender How so? I was at Nurburgring I did the Porsche hot laps, with the Ron from RSR. I did the BMW M5 Hot laps saw the two way cool Black R35's and took the pics for you and I do love them and all did was to report on what I heard from Dale Lomas from RSR The guy that did the laps at the Ring for the launch! Nothing more nothing less!
  12. Im sure you can buy them on line but there is s Nurburring Fan shop in Adenau and another one a little furher down the road close to the track at the cafe/ hang out Fan Shop. I bought some for about 6 Euros per sticker. If you are cool you will have one on your car.....
  13. Hi Guys Have just come back from holiday...A Big boys trip Isle of Man, Porsche Museum and a couple of days at Nürburgring Did the Hot Lap in a Porsche RS via these guys http://rsrnurburg.com/index.php My guy, Ron said we hit 295 kph down the back straight Chatting to one of the instructors that had been involved with the GTR Launch said they are a great car, quick but heavy and will only last a couple of laps of the Nürburgring track then need to have parts replaced We also and a lap in the BMW M5 I missed having Sabine as our pilot but my mates got her see www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Features/articleId=121631 for more details. The group of eight went back on Sunday which is the open to the public day I spotted two Nissan R35's Both black One had Maine number plates and the other not sure Sorry I didn't see them out on the track By the time we left in the car park was crawling with way cool cars and bikes waiting to get some track time....We also did a track walk this was me just a week or so ago http://rsrnurburg.com/index.php?option=com...2&Itemid=39
  14. Hi to the Adelaide Guys, spotted two R35 GT-R's on a car carrier heading to Main North Nissan this morning at about 10.30? One Red on Black way cool. Congrats to the new owners
  15. Hi all, Wandering around in the V8 Pits at Albert Park Spotted this gorgeous thing under a tree.. Missed it out on the track
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