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  1. SAUWA forums is such a sad place now
  2. u old schoolers out there might curse me lol saw a 35 sedan today,and i kinda like it..,yet to see the coupe tho,it kinda grows on you. looks very classy,but needs more horsepower.greddy turbo kit?
  3. how do u like ur gtss turbos? im running 1.1bar on my stockies and id prefer to change them before they blow
  4. check voltage of your afm's, if one is very low, then it should make the rev limiter effect a bit of new timing belt noise is ok Nice GTR!bayside blue?
  5. Both are great ECUs and have the setups to fix the problems boosted and 25GTT have.
  6. my choices would be 240Z, and r31 gtsx
  7. C-red has imported custom guards from japan and look very nice. As seen on GTAAH. Subtle but changes the whole look.
  8. youre kidding yourself,if u think you dont need these pads. comeon ppl,
  9. but yeah,anyone who brings in unfair laws should be out. courts should have the final say.
  10. my old gtst had a junkyard hybrid t04B+big exhaust housing of some sort and made good power(360rwhp..best time 12.7).But its not worth getting something youre not sure about(i was just lucky) On the other hand i have driven gtst-vspec's car,and the response/power is mind boggling(the big power curve does not lie) and its not laggy.GT30 must be the best street combo for a gtst.
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