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  1. lol @ u being the one to reply.. thanks Graeme!! Its for loss of licence. He was on one point option then incurred another speeding fine and lost it for 6 months. But because it was excessive speed (40km/over) he has just lost it for another 6 months.. so will now lose his job.. (its my boss's son). From memory of our discussion the other day anyway.. He was done doing 100 through a roundabout near Rye.. apparently speed 'automatically' drops to 60 at a roundabout.. I personally did not know that?? I fly through them regularly.. like most other ppl I noticed.. Also I noticed in Cranny on the weekend that you can see the 100km sign on the other side, from the entry side of every roundabout.. so the whole thing seems stupid... Anyway they need to try to do something so he doesnt lose it for another 6 months.. hence lawyer to talk about options.. Thanks for any help..
  2. MK Law Phone: (03) 9596 9647 Fax: (03) 9596 9657 Mobile: 041 555 7011 Email: [email protected] Registered Office: Level 8, 350 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000 For future ref ^^ Fantastic thanks, if anyone has any other recommendations let me know so I can pass them on, in case hes not happy with advice from the one above.. thankyou
  3. ^^ loves the pole Costa does them still afaik 0433220139 - around Williamstown area Pretty sure DT Panels do as well dont they? Springvale And Primal Garage in Kingsville/Westside
  4. bit late now but for future ref.. panache @ waterfront/eastern beach = all day crepes = win Also theres an awesome shop called Popcultcha just up from there, worth a visit if youre into Aliens, Star Wars, Tru Blood, 80s movies like Gremlins, Terminator, current pop culture etc, they sell merchandise - statues, tshirts etc and have huge alien statues and a whole case of collectibles
  5. Hi guys, can't find a recent relevant topic. Can someone please give me contact details for any really good traffic lawyers in Melbourne? For my boss's son, so money not an issue lol. Thankyou Kaz
  6. Kaz200

    Spotted Thread

    oh hahaa hello ... would have been on way back from matsuri lol.. i think i remember seeing a skyline that was going in the wrong direction lol
  7. Kaz200

    Spotted Thread

    yeah saw that the other day, is it gone yet? will be stolen soon if not..
  8. fuark missed it.. keen for next one Age!! Also 17th looks interesting but need CAMS and membership to MG.. Lilydale ftw tho.. Ahh dammit car won't be ready but let me know about next one!
  9. lol is that Jack? Caus I know someone who does that and car was still stolen :\ cant remember if it was chained at the time tho
  10. Kaz200

    Spotted Thread

    always knew u had a vagina!
  11. Kaz200

    Spotted Thread

    ohh that is Maxine but I forget her nick on here haha
  12. trying to understand the scores.. think I did pretty good for the first DECA I've actually entered . Not one cone haha Beat the rest of the S15s except for Aaron who has many DECAs under his belt Got consistently lost on skidpan lol I need directions on the ground to follow kthanx I thought battle wasn't included in points tho, thought it was optional?
  13. Kaz200

    Name And Shame

    omg ppl who park themselves in the right aka "overtaking" lane.. and then wonder why i am forever weaving through traffic -_-
  14. caaaaus.. hardtuned.. caus.. jdmst.. caus.. defects.. TMU (9 cop cars).. that would be why. No hassles at GC, somewhere to sit. Food is good for me, nfi what u guys are ordering if its no good.. maybe try something else on menu.. GC is good for taking pics also.. Either way we have always had these monthly meets at pubs/similar since the club started and we were at Bells Hotel Sth Melb back in 2005ish..
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