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  1. My 1992 R32 N1 GTR is car number 87 of 114, non v-spec N1's. Almost entirely in original condition with 70,000km's, the only modifications are an original NISMO period exhaust, an oil cooler kit to keep temps down in the hot Australian summers and a Nistune ECU chip and Profec B Boost Controller to ensure all runs smoothly with Australian fuel. The car has been owned by me for the last 7 years, and was purchased while i was searching for a Series 3 R33 GTR, and found a thread on SAU where someone had spotted this beauty. Its travelled less than 15000km's since i've owned it, and is resigned to Sunday drives, SAU events and family trips down the coast. "The Skyline GT-R 'N1' model, introduced on July 19, 1991, was designed for home-market N1 racing with a total of 228 units produced. The most notable change was in the engine, which was upgraded to the R32-N1 specification. The car was also lightened by the removal of the ABS, air conditioning, sound system, rear wiper, trunk carpet, and the use of light-weight headlights. No color options were available and all 'N1' cars were delivered with a thin layer of Crystal White paint. The result was a 30 kg weight savings for a curb weight of 1,400 kg"
  2. Agreed. Not even mentioning that a brand new 33 GTR would have been a $120k+ car when new. $30k would be a steal for a well looked after late model 33.
  3. My 11yr old is coming. No issue with kids. Its just a drive. Also if anyone see's a white 32 turn off and back on Putty, its prob me just heading back as need to be back by 1pm.
  4. excellent, thanks buddy, i think i found a dirt road where i can do a u-turn as well.
  5. Is there anywhere i can tun around before the halway truck stop? Want to bring my boy along, but needs to be at Campbeltown by 1pm for a Birthday. If not i may just come to the morning meet at Maccas
  6. Hoping to make it, been several years since my last SAU cruise
  7. Thanks Chris. Does it need to be the same year model or could you drop say a 2011 CDN unit straight into a JDM 08? Curious as i prefer the newer dash with the white in the centre rather than the red from the earlier models.
  8. Do you know if they just do the centre trip comp in the dash or is this part of the $2.5k package being thrown around
  9. Does anyone know this car and how they converted the trip computer to English? http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2008/SSE-AD-3704172/?Cr=0
  10. Any advice on how i can look up past auction cars?
  11. Digging up an old thread. Brett, if the above is the case, and if a seller/dealer/whoever says the car was not bought at auction, what other checks can you do? Getting a dereg certificate from the likes of JOC would be pointless and a waste of money, if they're already supplying one with the car, and you're simply going to get the same thing.
  12. Or we just change the title And done, this is now the "V Series" Spotted thread
  13. I think i know the one. Looks like a great buy and was actually considering flying down to take a look.
  14. Go away dude! There's not enough decent ones as is to have even more people looking to buy
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