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  1. Not from Geelong, but at Deakin every day. Keen to come along to anything you guys organise.
  2. As above, if you'd have been on the opposite side of this blokes scams I'm sure you'd care.Some people in this club are extremely rude and have an appalling attitude, great reading for potential new members Telling him to "stfu" because he's giving people a heads up? Good one mate. Thanks for the heads up copthis, need more people like you.
  3. Get some fishing line (preferably thicker shit so it doesn't snap) and tie one end to the needle of the boost gauge and the other to your accelerator pedal. When you push the accelerator pedal down the needle will rise. Easy 20HP gain, and an extra 3k resale.
  4. Gonna try get on this as well, if I can get an Xbox control to work on a laptop
  5. I have to agree and I love the fact its coming from the mouth of a GT-R owner as well lol I understand what you're saying, although the membership base would not be where it is today without these members who own other cars. Mostly they would have owned a skyline in the past, therefore being very knowledgable about them and still able to contribute a lot to other members. It is also a club, not a dictatorship. I think regardless of whether they currently own, have previously owned, or have never owned a skyline does not make a difference. If they pay their membership they're entitled to it. I also think exclusivity = wank factor... Let's be realistic, these arn't Lamborghinis we are talking about. As above as well, I think the banding-together approach is the right solution for everybody involved, rather than everybody diverging into seperate clubs.For example, I don't see what's stopping GTR owners from becoming members on here, then proceeding to organise GTR only cruisers if they feel the need to compare cocks...
  6. Yep! Should be there nice and early before it gets too busy.
  7. New or used? How much boost were you running if used?
  8. http://cqcounter.com/whois/ ??
  9. You MAY find a p plater with more money than brains. Pointless posting on here though, chances are Facebook or car sales to find the right brain/money balance.
  10. As per title, R34 N/A coilpacks x 5, good for spares - $50 for all 5. R34 N/A standard head gasket brand new obviously - $50 R34 GTT standard turbo, selling because I've upgraded, roughly 35,XXX kms on it. - $400 R34 GTT standard injectors 35,XXX kms on them - $75 R34 GTT standard Cat Converter - $50 All parts located in VIC Western suburbs, will not post at this stage. PM me on here for more details, pics to come.
  11. As per title wanting a set of 18 inch Volk GT-C rims. Any colour except silver. Prefer gold or black. Shoot me a PM. Cheers
  12. go 1000cc and e85 instead of 850 have a look in FI section and see what other people are running to get an idea