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    Ummm pretty sure the STI gearboxes are stronger then the EVO's and there are many STI's with exhaust and tune making approx 200awkw..... Just don't know what they are like reliability wise. Pretty sure the EVO's engine is a lot better.

    What do you guys think about a MY02-03 STI. Was talking to a truck driver at work today who races a MY02 STI (bug eye). And he was saying its a very very good cheap reliable track car. I know the 6 speed in the sti's is awesome but don't know much about the engine and driveline strength. Wondering what you guys think about them ? Cheers Paul

    So either way I'm going fast.... It's just whether I'm a tight ass or not lol

    Once at sandown in my old VE SS, but it was wet so not much track experience gained that day. So in reality close to none... Do you think that should make a difference in my decision ???

    The only thing that sways me to a EVO is the cost of running and mechanical strength at the track. Cheaper to run, cheaper to fix and just as quick. But then again GTR's seem pretty bullet proof upto 250awkw, besides the oil starvation issue at the track and filling upto the bump in the stick seems to fix that problem. Last thing I want is to spend around 20k on a car then need to spend another 10k on an engine rebuild in a year or so. This is where the Evo seems to have the edge in reliability. But then again anything can happen at the track.

    Not at all lol The car will be mainly used for track duties with the odd occasion of going for a cruise. Ive come to the conclusion that I need to just go and drive a couple, I'm sure one will jump out at me more then the rest. Ordinary is that your GTR videos on YouTube ?? Ordinarydriver ??? I assume it is.

    Yea if I could find the right Evo 8 cheap enough I would deffintaly be leaning that way... Just simply due to the age difference. I'll find out when the next track days are on... Been to a few PIARC events, so I may chat to a few people there that own these cars and track them. Thanks again

    Can't I have reliability and a GTR ?? LoL I'm looking to track it 5-7 times a year.... With the possibility of more depending on how much the car is to maintain for the track. I've never driven a Evo so I can only go on what I've heard and seen. I have a mate with a Evo 5 making approx 200awkw. On his first day at the track ever he did a 1.43 around winton. Drove it too the track and home again. The problem seemed he was getting a fuel cut out on hard cornering which hamperd is times also. Pretty sure he changed the fuel pump and it's been ok since. As I said earlier heart says GTR head says EVO. I think I just need to go and take a evo for a spin. Thanks for the replies guy. Paul

    LoL same here mate... I've owned 2 R32 GTR's almost 10 years ago now... One with just exhaust and filters the other had a little more work with about 220awkw. I've always loved them. But never tracked them. I'll never forget my first encounter with one in my old VN SS I was smashed to say the least. He actually shook his head and waved at me before giving it the boot. Cocky but I fell I love straight away. There seems to be a few out there with recent rebuilds so I might go for one of them. Anyway thanks again dude.
  10. JETGTR

    That might be all I needed to hear.... I'm a GTR man I think I may regret going the evo way even if it is the quicker option. Thanks for your replies Mark very honest and informative. Would a R33 GTR be a better option ?? Or same same with the R32 ? Paul
  11. JETGTR

    Thanks for the replies guys..... Still looks like the evo is the better deal purely on reliability and how quick they are. My Heart says GTR but the head says EVO. And Mark your post didn't help as I now am talking myself into thinking a GTR can be as reliable without spending big cash on it lol Reliability is a big factor me as I really don't want to spend a lot on the car.... Other then maintenance and replacing broken or warn parts. Paul
  12. JETGTR

    Yea I would have to agree... Despite me wanting a GTR everything tells me to go the EVO. Only 4 pistons to worry about and 1 turbo.
  13. Hi guys, I'm currently looking at getting a weekend toy/track car. I'm after something that I can drive to the track have a good fun day and drive home again. With the odd occasion of driving on the weekend around town. ( I have a daily already) My question is, I hear a lot of people saying go the evo as it's more reliable and just as quick. Which ever way I go I'd be looking at keeping it around the 200-220 kW @ all 4, which seems fairly easy in both. And focus more on brake and suspension setup. I figure that both are pretty strong cars and thought maybe a few people on here have had experiences with both. Ideally I'd be looking at a R33 GTR or a EVO 6. But a good 32, Evo 5 or 7 wouldn't be out of the question. Any help much appreciated. Paul
  14. Cheers yeehaa.... thanks for the offer mate but i think i'll go for this series 2.
  15. Hi Guys, Looking at buying a 96 Series 2 R33 GTST with 155,000klm on it. Looks very clean with minimal but nice mods, exhaust, r34 cooler, etc. The only problems with the car needs a rocker cover gasket replaced (small leak), carbon canister hooked back up and rear washer jet needs replaced for RWC. Should i stay away from this car or are these things normal wear and tear on a skyline ?? What would the costs be involved in fixing all of the above ? Ive tried to do research and i think Rocker Cover Gasket should be around $200 fitted, carbon canister is just hoses so not much there and rear washer jet i can find in a wreckers cheap i reckon. anyway if anybody could help that would be much appreciated. Cheers Paul