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  1. Hey where can i get one of those cool jumping chicks from???
  2. Also forgot to add get nissan parts at trade
  3. I work for Komatsu in kalgoorlie, as a Parts interpreter and they pay me pretty good for it too
  4. have you had your car down the qtr with that turb?
  5. Heheh, I work for Komatsu, so I'll be using an 800 Ton PC8000, pitty they move so slow though
  6. Really depends who you get etc. But if you are over the speed limit where ever than it is your fault. No point hating cops over that. (Apparently you can argue it as there is suppost to be a 6% speedo error allowance or something incase your speedo is out) I reckon Yellows for minor things is crap, usually they just yellow you if they don't know what the hell it is They're bringing a multinova to Kalgoorlie soon. (those things are money makers) Bastards.
  7. think you need to got to www.rb20det.com than go to the picture by following the links.
  8. Oh yeh cool, When you coming to kambalda? Why are you going to kambalda, is the pay better there?
  9. There should be a servicing page somewhere. I think you just use brake fluid though.
  10. I live in Kal which isn't that far away, there is a skyline in kambalda but don't know who owns it. Fair few rex's up here and a few skylines. 3 silvias including my other car i think, 2x s14's, 1x 200sx, off the top of my head. Which company are you working for
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