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  1. ease up lol Im stuffed if i know what happened there.. 2nd and 3rd run pulled 135kw @ 4wheels.. not bad for a stocker.. and damn subaru put to much fuel into it.. was running 10:1s .. choking the thing to death
  2. Hey Guys, My name is Troy and am good friends with BLITZ and a few others on this forum. I have owned 2 WRX in the past but sold my 02 WRx (TREXX)at the end of last year due to my little girl being born. anyway hopefully will be purchasing a 350Z by the years end. Im also the owner of PRO-Speed Racing based on the central coast of NSW. www.prospeedracing.com.au Hopefully ill learn a few things about the Nissans over the next few months Troy
  3. Hey Guys, im from the coast as well ... Bataeu Bay.. Dont have a skyline but i did have a Black 02 WRX with the plates TREXX.. Now have a Nissan XTRAIL.. next car.. 350Z Troy PRO-Speed Racing www.prospeedracing.com.au
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