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  1. Hoping the weather holds out for tonight.
  2. Unfortunately in the past 6 months the auction prices have risen and average costs are probably mid $45k. Didn't read properly and realise it's for the US - yeap, prices are crazy for all the reasons you said! If you weren't in a hurry could you get a '96 and store it locally in Japan for a while? I saw some others seem to be doing that...
  3. Fascinating they are extremely flexible on some fronts, but on others are quite strict - makes you wonder why... I'll try and track it down, there was a great blog from someone recently describing the whole process they went through getting their R34 refreshed. Aki from http://www.r33gt-r.com/ is just getting his R33 GT-R done and dropped it off in June. He has expressed the same challenge around not having much information of the process while it is going on - so you are not the only ones. We can only dream, even just the thought of shipping + refresh + shipping back makes it a costly exercise.
  4. Evan, Having just spent a few months trying to buy a GT-R here I would definitely avoid anything that has had strut tower repairs, even more so that you are based in Japan as you should be able to find better quality cars IMO than we can. Avoid any rust - you'll end up having to pay for it later one way or another. I'd also be trying to find a '96 S2 or '97 S3 if feasible. There is quite a few on goo-net - pricing looks to be $45k+ - how much are willing to spend? Otherwise I would go an auction and potentially use Garage Defend to find one @ Auction for you. Links
  5. Some shots of my new(old) 1997 R33 GT-R Series 3
  6. Stunning - car looks amazing team - well done - a great outcome and another incredible restoration by Omori factory. How were they with the restoration - did you get much choice on what you wanted to do with it, or was it largely a refresh and refurb? Great collectors car that hopefully gets to see more shows and driven a bit. Well done.
  7. Thanks for your help - worked a treat! For anyone looking to do this you'll just need to take the turn signals out and reach up to the 10mm bolt which holds the headlight in.
  8. Links

    Skyline Festival

    A few happened yesterday arvo unfortunately that's for sure!
  9. I would try Enthusiast insurance, I just insured my 97 GTR and found them price wise good and easy to get coverage at agreed value. https://www.enthusiast.com.au/
  10. Thanks for confirming, i'll try both and hopefully get the right one first. My assumption is that it is the one facing inwards from outside - there appears to be a white clip or something it goes through - is this the right one?
  11. Morning all, I'm trying to work out how to remove the Series 3 Xenon's (with ballast attached) from the car without removing the bumper. Is it possible, if so, how? The main sticking point is what do I need to undo to release the headlights in the corner where they are attached to the bumper internally - is it the 10mm bolt that has the white clip on it? I can probably access it through the turn signal holes in the front bumper - just need to know if that's the right thing to do. Any guidance on how someone has done this before would be much appreciated. Links
  12. For future reference. Car is an R33 GTR. I got the Autotechnica Stormguard Cover. Ordered the 1/184 sedan large up to 4.74m. I would go a size bigger as it is tight over the rear wing. Really happy with the design, quality, fits right which is great - definitely recommend.
  13. Team, does anyone know what size of this works for an R33 GTR. I've ordered a Large one, however am not sure if it will fit with the rear wing.
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