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  1. May 2020: After bending a rod got a rebuild which was just finished, run in tune at this stage, will update when finished. 97 R33 S3 GTR: Ross Racing Pistons + Spool Rods ARP head studs Nitto Oil Pump + Head Gasket + Turbo Gaskets GT2860r-7's Upgraded 880cc injectors Walbro 460 fuel pump Nistune ECU HKS EVC6 boost controller Fujitsubu equal length front pipe + HKS hi-power exhaust Run in tune was 285rwkw @ 15psi, will update when full power tune done. Links
  2. That is shit. Good luck and hope it's found.
  3. Good question, from everything I know it's stock - i'd need to double check though - it was done in Japan and seems to be rock stock with HKS FCon IS + Exhaust + EBC... Inevitably i'd find out quite quickly, but don't want to cause any issues. Other option is to leave it all in and swap it all out when I put new injectors + fuel pump + ECU in - just looking to see what I can do myself.
  4. Bob, I've had a look, it's got a piggy back harness e.g. not hardwired into it - if it's as simple as that then I should be able to just disconnect it from the HKS IS / ECU and check the car starts / runs before switching to the Nistune.
  5. Afternoon all, I've got an HKS F-CON IS piggy back ECU that came with the car from Japan and am looking to swap it out with a Nistune ECU. Before I go ripping stuff out, I wanted to see if anyone had any experience removing one and whether it is just as simple as unattaching everything and removing the harness / ECU and replacing it back into the stock one or if anything is rewired in any way. Appreciate the response! Links
  6. Awesome - was looking at that earlier today, will order the kit from them. Thanks Ben.
  7. Thanks for confirming Ben - the gasket kit I put on the front page has an option to have a 1.0mm restrictor included in it so will look at getting this when ordering.
  8. Thanks for that, good advice - i've been mindful on the tight spots of getting to everything.
  9. Thanks for more input all, sounds like i'll need to invest in a few more spanners. As for going to single - good question, i'm here and have the -7's so i'll just forge forward and in years to come can come back and reflect on where it all went wrong on this post... Any thoughts around the gasket / stud kit - plan is to get the complete one and replace the studs potentially? Views on the oil restrictor for the '7s?
  10. Thanks Duncan - yeah the studs snapping is on my mind - good advice to get some WD40 on it for a few days leading into it and just taking it easy. Will factor that in definitely. Sounds like braided lines are the way to go. Thanks - the good luck's piling in...
  11. Great - thanks for that, exactly what I wanted to know. Will look at getting the stud kit then and replace those and save having to do it again. Re: Braided lines - good thoughts - something like this I assume - https://www.ebay.com/c/651282471 Cheers - might need it, or just some patience!
  12. All, I've picked up a set of GT2860-7's for my R33 GTR and looking at swapping them out myself (yes have read through the pleasure that this will be). Am after some advice on the following: Any specific tools someone would recommend I get before starting it off to avoid having to do the inevitable trip to supercheap etc while mid-flight... What do people recommend from a gasket / studs etc kit - seen that Kudo's have a complete one however looking for advice on what's really required - http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/turbocharger-install-suit-nissan-skyline-stagea-wgnc34-260rs-rb26dett-p-5.html Oil restrictor - is it required or not? Have read multiple threads however not clear still - some say yes.. some say no.. Thanks in advance. Links
  13. Hoping the weather holds out for tonight.
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