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  1. Maybe, maybe not... any answer though?
  2. I’m looking at purchasing an R33 GT-R in VIC and bringing back to NSW. Is there any specific process above getting a blue slip and rego to transfer that I need to be aware of?
  3. All, After having sold my R33 a few years ago, i'm interested in looking at purchasing one again. Am looking for a '96/'97 R33 GT-R VSpec or GT-R series 3. KMs wise looking for ideally < 150k - however am also realistic. I'm based in Sydney. If anyone is interested in looking at selling their car, shoot me a PM - would love to have a chat. Regards, Links
  4. Morning all, Thanks for the prompt as always good to close out a post. After plugging in a consult cable and tracking the data when the car died the ignition was stopping. I called a Brant alarm technician to come and have a look. Keypad immobiliser module had a faulty relay which was triggering when it over heated - this was causing the relay to trigger and cut the ignition. Crank angle sensor was also replaced which has addressed the loss of power issue so all back on the road. Links
  5. Morning all, Update in the last couple of days. Received consult cable hooked it up, ecu is showing 55 so no errors being reported. Turned the car over and it started first go - left it to idle for a while and then have taken it up / down the road while monitoring. Everything was working ok which means I now need to consider heading out for a few longer drives. Brant alarm keypad isn't lighting up so my thoughts are that there is still an issue and it's the alarm however i'll deal with it shortly. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Still not confirmed what the root cause was however will see how it goes. Links
  6. Afternoon all, Thanks for the feedback. Update: - Have ordered ECUTalk to be able to look at what is being read from the sensors. - Based on the ECU returning 55 (all is ok) I am planning to look at disabling or removing the Brant alarm so that we can rule that out. Given the behavior and everything seems to be ok in general, i'll give the alarm the next focus and see where we go to from there.
  7. Update: - Fuel Filter replaced, no issue with fuel as pushing out when pump priming - ECU is now showing 55 (no error) and the engine still won't start. - Next step is to check the wiring and see if there is anything other things broken
  8. Afternoon, Idle prior to stalling was fine, no lumpiness or change in tone. Quick update: - have disconnected AFM to see if it would start in limp mode, engineer turns over but no starting. - checked CAS is connected ok and rotated to see if any difference. No change. - won't start at all now. Next steps: - purchase consult cable so we can see what the sensors are showing - going to replace field filter and check fuel pressure to make sure issue isn't a blockage. - will also look at testing CAS again and then start to check electricals and also lines to make sure no leaks etc
  9. Thanks, not sure why a compression / vacuum issue would see it randomly fail - would have expected it to be more consistent however worth thinking through.
  10. Afternoon all, Quick background: - 1998 R33 S2 GTS-T with minor mods - brant security alarm fitted. - 120,000 kms Summary: - Engine was losing power (would hesitate then pick up) at 1,500 - 2,000 RPM and then died suddenly after having been doing this for a few weeks. - Electrical's continue to work and immobiliser not kicking in (engine light on), engine will turn over but not start immediately after. - Starts again after 20 - 30 minutes and runs for maybe 5 minutes at most before dying again - Fuel pump flowing ok and primes when power turned on, mechanic checked and fuel flow ok. - Checked diagnostics and returned 11 CAS code (need to check again now it's died again) - Replaced with second hand R34 NEO GTT CAS from JustJap, mechanic says car ran fine for "30 minutes" - Picked it up and same issue occurred within 200m where engine died and wouldn't start. Note: - Coil packs / spark plugs were replaced approx. 10k ago Looking to get some assistance in understanding what the issue may be and how best to isolate. Consideration: - AFM - ECU - Wiring issue - Earthing issue - Immobiliser - ? Links
  11. Mitch, Great to see GTT-034 being looked after and in the process of being rebuilt, will be awesome to see it back on the road. I recall the day Stan first Dyno'd it after having just bought it, the look on his face said everything and off you guys went on the journey to get it to where it is today. Looks like since it changed hands it continued to go through a lot of changes and being built up. Good luck with it and look forward it back up and running. Links
  12. Afternoon all, Been quite some time since posting so thought i'd share a recent shot from a trip to Queenstown. Taken with a 7d - 24-105mm lens with CPL filter.
  13. Great day everyone, been a while since i've been to an event however it was as good as I remember them.. Some of the shots from today.. Full albumn can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/104461113046769712535/TexikhanaFeb2012?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  14. As always the trusty skylines community has helped resolve my missfire issue.. Symptom: Got a service completed, engine bay cleaned and car started to develop a missfire under load through the rev range starting at 2,500 - 3,500 then 4,500 - 5,500.. Sounds like a machine gun popping.. Swapped out spark plugs which appeared to be quite old and coil pack completely failed when placed back. Resolution: Looked at a number of posts and ended up buying a set of 6 yellowjackets rather then splitfires from Performance Wise, arrived in 3 days - great service from Paul.. Put them in, car is performing as normal, no missfire! Note: Car would idle fine and would be ok when gradually coming onto boost, only when wide open throttle and under load would it missfire.. http://www.performance-wise.com
  15. Just put in a new set of Yellowjackets which have resolved the issue with my missfire through the top end under load. Thanks to Paul from Performance Wise, great service!
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