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  1. Awesome! Thanks for that - much appreciated.
  2. Up the top of the post near the heading is a "moderator" option to delete (I think). Or you can leave it as everyone is enjoying looking at it and just flag as no longer for sale
  3. For everyone's benefit if searching: Using a NSW Unregistered Vehicle Permit to drive the car from Melbourne to Sydney. NSW UVP is valid in all states if you end up in NSW. Includes CTP for that duration. Have purchased comprehensive insurance. Booked in at AUVIS centre for Blue Slip to then rego. Will update once completed.
  4. Hey Grim - car looks great - what LED's did you use for the dash upgrade?
  5. Great day everyone - well done team for organising! Attached are some of the shots I took.
  6. Thanks Randy - been using both as a good way to cross check!
  7. More as an option, you can also look VIN up on the following site which I tend to use in conjunction with FAST. https://nissan.epc-data.com/ - just put in the model # into the search box e.g. WGNC34-103359 https://nissan.epc-data.com/stagea/wgnc34/286-rb26dett/?frame_no=WGNC34-103359&ref=
  8. Sorry and sad to see Nick passed away, always super helpful and friendly. No doubt I've got a few pics from different times - will try and find when back in Aus. Thoughts with his family.
  9. Maybe, maybe not... any answer though?
  10. I’m looking at purchasing an R33 GT-R in VIC and bringing back to NSW. Is there any specific process above getting a blue slip and rego to transfer that I need to be aware of?
  11. All, After having sold my R33 a few years ago, i'm interested in looking at purchasing one again. Am looking for a '96/'97 R33 GT-R VSpec or GT-R series 3. KMs wise looking for ideally < 150k - however am also realistic. I'm based in Sydney. If anyone is interested in looking at selling their car, shoot me a PM - would love to have a chat. Regards, Links
  12. Morning all, Thanks for the prompt as always good to close out a post. After plugging in a consult cable and tracking the data when the car died the ignition was stopping. I called a Brant alarm technician to come and have a look. Keypad immobiliser module had a faulty relay which was triggering when it over heated - this was causing the relay to trigger and cut the ignition. Crank angle sensor was also replaced which has addressed the loss of power issue so all back on the road. Links
  13. Morning all, Update in the last couple of days. Received consult cable hooked it up, ecu is showing 55 so no errors being reported. Turned the car over and it started first go - left it to idle for a while and then have taken it up / down the road while monitoring. Everything was working ok which means I now need to consider heading out for a few longer drives. Brant alarm keypad isn't lighting up so my thoughts are that there is still an issue and it's the alarm however i'll deal with it shortly. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Still not confirmed what the root cause was however will see how it goes. Links
  14. Afternoon all, Thanks for the feedback. Update: - Have ordered ECUTalk to be able to look at what is being read from the sensors. - Based on the ECU returning 55 (all is ok) I am planning to look at disabling or removing the Brant alarm so that we can rule that out. Given the behavior and everything seems to be ok in general, i'll give the alarm the next focus and see where we go to from there.
  15. Update: - Fuel Filter replaced, no issue with fuel as pushing out when pump priming - ECU is now showing 55 (no error) and the engine still won't start. - Next step is to check the wiring and see if there is anything other things broken
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