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  1. Still available considering offers
  2. pirate

    Two lads from the riverina, well how bout that I'm in Griffith.. Anyone want these Will
  3. buyer fell through, still available. price drop 2400 shipped. cheers
  4. these are still available, cheers guys
  5. hi mate, sorry about the delay, they are located country NSW, 6hrs or so from Syd
  6. hey guys, need to sell my wheels, Nismo LMGT4 by rays, 18x9.5+12 all round, tyres are 225 federal 595 at the front and basically new Achilles ATR sport 265 at the rear - not going to remove tyres condition is ok but some rashing, mainly due to the rubbish paint job Import Monster did on these, they were originally white anyway the price reflects the rashing, apart from those scratches they are good if they don't sell ill wash em and take some better photos, but please, someone just buy them dont make me wash them god $2500 SHIPPED full album http://imgur.com/a/c6cKP
  7. bump. still for sale. will include shipping
  8. nismo lmgt4 18x9.5 +12 all round front tyres federal 595ss 215 some camber wear average condition rear tyres achillies atr sport 265 almost new minor rashing on a few wheels shitload of pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/c6cKP ta $2500 located country nsw can freight
  9. pirate

    they look amazing! man i'd love to learn 3dsmax