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  1. Got my wires crossed, im after the 2 pot calipers from a non turbo r33.
  2. R33 na stock front brakes. After 4(?) pot calipers/hub/disc and lines. Or complete struts if you can't separate. Obviously in Victoria as postage would be a killer. Cheers guys, contact through pm please. Cheers Ryan.
  3. Hey guys, just a good working rb25 clutch fan, and a set of 4 clean good nick floor mats, prefferably in the grey colour, somewhere in west victoria, contact on here or via pm, cheers
  4. Item: 2 of the latest Alpine 12" 500rms type R subwoofers, one is in the factory box and the other sub is in a box desined to the same specs as the original, both subs are dual 4 ohm. Age: less the 6 months old each Condition: as new Price: $500 ono To Fit: (What car) any car u damn well like! Location: west melbourne Contact: 0412276809
  5. hr31 auto spoiler for sale, platnum silver in colour, Great condition, comes with 2 motors and a spare for parts. a loom and switch with up down status lights. cheers ryan
  6. http://www.jdwheels.com/images/ROH_Adrenalin.jpg same as that mag mate.
  7. bump. made a mistake, its 5 stud no 4 stud. these rims are brand spanking new. only on the car for a short while. like a week or 2.
  8. Up for sale is 4 ROH Adrenalin rims, 17" X 7 (i think) with bridstone RE 030 tyres on the back (235/45/17) about 60% left and perelli 215/45/17 on the front about 20% left. 800 dollars. rims are as new no scratches, or gutter marks! call 0412276809 as im rarely on the net. cheers
  9. depends where your from. and if you are willing to pay the shipping fees. cheers ryan
  10. Item: Stock rb20 turbo with manifold pipe and stock bov Location: gisborne or sunshin vic Item Condition:great! inspected by nismo in sunshine. no shaft play Reason for Selling: not going to do the conversion Price and Payment Conditions: $200 will not post sory guys Extra Info: Contact Details:email me at [email protected] or call me on o412276809
  11. hey guys, just wondering if any one has a r31 full suspension they wanna sell, must be lower then standard tho. and info would be great thanx. catch
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