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  1. When we switched to Invision, all photos were removed. I will upload photos when at home. Thanks! =)
  2. Just reload the photos, all photos were removed when we switched to invision. What is going on with the market??? Must Sell! More cars are coming, also importing R34 Skyline models. This car is in perfect codition. Price is right. Bright red is Nissian factory colour. Bright red only for SII Nissan R33, 96-98! Thanks. =)
  3. Thanks for the info. =) Nissan Factory Bright Red is for R33 SII GTSTs and R33 GTRs only. My car was built in 1996. First Rego in Japan was 1998 FEB with 16kms. Thanks, mate!
  4. I am not sure. It could be Nissan factory bright red. I have seen this colour before with R33 GTSTs and GTRs (very rare in Japan). R33 normally comes with dark red as wine red, but bright red looks a lot better. Nissan R33 GTSTs come with dark.red and bright.red!
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