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  1. Looks familiar Vish? Maybe coz it's RDY60 with no plates and stockers on Removed goodies from the car so I can sell it... Haven't spotted you in a while. Thx for the pic
  2. Spotted CHOY at Carindale tonight... Didn't run into you though, I went to Hoggy's
  3. LOL was that the white S3 GTR? He gave me a WTF look too! hahaha Ran into Vish too!
  4. I'm quite sure its a dark blue 33 auto gts-t actually... Saw it at Cameron's Bodyworks.. Apparently it's the ladies daily as she has a twin turbo SS with "SLOW AS" plates ..hmm
  5. Make sure the RS-GT are decent width and offset, as they are hard to find in anything over 8" +35 which is a bit lame
  6. Hey, sorry didn't see/hear you! 8:15?? Damn I must of been running late lol Spotted NIH40 this morn on riverside expressway
  7. readyGO

    Number Plates

    To be perfectly honest, I purchased them from an importer who had them advertised on ebay Not sure how he actually got them, but I only paid $70 from them and picked them up from his place.. Not sure if they were on a C33 or R33... They are pretty cool though Just checked his ebay profile (he had a few plates for sale).. Anyway, doesn't look like he's a registered user anymore as of the 15th Jan... http://myworld.ebay.com.au/attack_rb26
  8. readyGO

    Number Plates

    Like mine? ........And yes, it's genuine..
  9. Spotted black R32 with GTR bonnet and grill with gold drift teks, on Coronation drive pulled over by undercover car at approx 8:20am today..
  10. I didn't see you until you passed! Why don't you drive the 34 much anymore??
  11. I never spot you anymore! Whats with that? Spotted OOR34 though! Thanks for my air box back Damo! Snorkel doesn't fit though, it hits intercooler piping
  12. Just buy a second hand one from someone.. I just sold my 3" mandrel bend, turbo back system and high flow cat for $600.. So there are bargains to be found
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