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  1. It's definitely possible. The latter ones are still worth a fair bit but 07-09 got down to around 25k for both manual and dct which is a lot of car for the money. S65 sounds great but they are finicky and are also torque less wonders
  2. The e92 actually has a dct which is fine. Smg was an e46/e60 thing and absolute garbage. That being said id always go manual for more fun F80's are getting cheap and imo are a fair step above an e92 with a few key areas taken care of.
  3. I agree the shifter is a bit of an eye sore but it does make shifting very light and easy for a dog box. The ppg is a quieter box and it does fit in a 32 a bit better but as with everything there are downsides at all. Should match the single turbo well!
  4. Samsona's are great boxes but good luck getting one free, or even a discount
  5. Just skim the head, new head gasket and studs then send it. Thats what I should have done many years ago but now im way too far down the rabbit hole to back out...
  6. Just FYI its not a United at Vineyard anymore it's been renamed but they still sell United E85
  7. Yeah but you just don't feel as engaged with the car. Something that is a nice daily that you can take to the track is still going to be compromised. Unless you are daily driving the 33 I don't see the point in changing it out.
  8. Buying a new car isn't the be all and end all you think it is. I still battle daily/weekly with buying another S14 for skids even though I have a perfectly capable albeit expensive skid car (f80 m3). 3 cars is probably already enough I don't need a 4th really....
  9. 6870 was nice and responsive but fell over hard after about 7k. This is on a 3.2 with vcam. Hoping the 7275 lets it breath a little better
  10. Nope haven't seen anything. I'm trying a 7275 this week and will compare to my old 6870.
  11. No matter how much power you end up with you'll get used to it very quickly and sooner rather than later it'll feel dead slow.
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