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  1. Water barriers are not fun to hit at speed, ive learnt that the hard way
  2. Yep the Malas brothers have had a good run with theirs and it does get driven. They have also changed the oil as regularly as every 100km's in it and are pedantic about oil and water being up to temp before any kind of revs (which is a good thing) which I am sure does help. That being said I have no intention of ever putting one in a street car
  3. If we are talking a track only car sure but for the street I still have my doubts considering how much they grow and shrink. The weight saving is great but it's honestly never crossed my mind to go billet
  4. It wasn't about gains for me just the added strength. We didn't push it any harder however with double the deck thickness its worth doing. Downside is the extra weight and it takes a bunch more machining. Mine isn't sleeved, isn't needed. Just vanilla nitto 3.2 stroker in it.
  5. One on the cold side (post intercooler) will be plenty. This is how I run it. Similar location to the 2xstock ones albeit with custom piping.
  6. A single raceport will be plenty big enough for what you are doing. I know of cars with bigger setups than yours running just a single one without an issue. In fact we had to over spring mine just to keep it from opening too much and my setup is not far off what yours will be.
  7. Why 2 blow off valves? Surely you aren't going to run the stock cold side intercooler piping so just put a single raceport bov on it and be done.
  8. I think a 6870 could be a good match for a 2.8 with vcam and you'd probably be all in under 5. Keen to see someone try it though. Nothing wrong wit a 6466, its a perfect street turbo imo just doesn't have the legs of the bigger cars.
  9. Yes 7275 now. Funnily enough when it was tuned in the same manner the 6870 was the response was quite similar which suggested the 6870 was a bit small all along.
  10. What I have now is very much like the old 2.6 efr setup albeit with 800kw instead so I am quite happy. Was just a learning curve for everyone involved and a bit of trial and error. Very happy with the car now, absolute weapon and still plenty of mid range
  11. Brett is right in what he said about the root cause however I wouldn't blame the vcam you just need to tune around it. I ended up bowing the cylinder walls between each cylinder, causing the fire rings not to seat properly. This was caused by the high cylinder pressures I was generating with such a responsive setup. What we have done now (other than going to an rd28 block and a slightly larger turbo) is to torque manage the curve and slowly bring the boost in rather than bring it in in one giant slab. Whilst it doesn't give you that huge push in the low to mid range it used to it is fairly linear whilst still retaining plenty of mid range. It has been rock solid now we have done that and I am confident the same could be done with a 6870, 3.2, vcam as well. The only problem with that is it was mostly over by 7 so you aren't seeing the benefits of making it linear and revving the car out to 9k+
  12. I'll just chime in and say don't get too carried away with wanting 900-1000whp with full boost in the 4's or you'll find out the hard way the block can't handle it, billet or not. Ask me how I know...
  13. You are going a large turbo which will benefit from revs plus those cams you have chosen are all about top end high revving so im not sure if 8500 is going to be enough
  14. Personally I would save a bit more and wait until I can afford it You save more in the long run rather than doing everything 2 times or 3. I was just trying to give my first hand experience with it as I have seen/driven all the sequential box options on the market for a gtr. Do with that information what you choose. The reason you don't see them anymore is because they were breaking and new options came to market about 5 years ago and have continued to grow since. There was a time a few years ago when there was about 10 of these boxes for sale second hand around the 10-11k mark when everyone jumped ship. I do hope its reliable for you and does everything you want, it's your car at the end of the day.
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