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  1. PRICE DROP!! $50 for the lot * the pair of rear R33 'eye mount' shocks * the pair of front R33/R34 shocks (one is in good condition, the other is leaking a little oil) Taking up space in the garage, so got to go! Make me an offer via PM Cheers, Jay
  2. Still got the rears available Good condition R33 Rear Shocks PM Me if interested
  3. OK nearly all gone now, just the rear eye mount shocks to go Suits R33 gtst & R34 gt non-turbo $75 ono
  4. bump! Will consider offers, need these guys out of my garage, just PM me
  5. Guys I have an assortment of stock standard shocks taking up space in the garage that have got to go: Front Shocks *Front shocks x 3 in good condition (4th is leaking oil) off an R34 GT (non-turbo) ---> [suits R33 gtst & R34 gtt & gt] Price: $75 for all the front shocks Rear Shocks *Rear shocks (lower eye mount type) x 2 in good condition off an R34 GT (non-turbo) ---> [suits R33 gtst & R34 gt non-turbo] *Rear shocks (fork mount type) x 1 in good condition (2nd is leaking oil) off an R34 GTT (turbo) ---> [suits R33 gtst & R34 gt non-turbo] Price: $75 for all the rear shocks Or $125 to take the lot! PM or SMS/Call me on 0413 122 695 to arrange pickup. Cheers! Jay
  6. Thanks heaps guys!! Never expected to remove the whole assembly just to get to the tail light.
  7. Hi there, I was hoping someone could fill me in here. I have an R34 GTT (2dr coupe) and I need to replace both front and rear shocks. Firstly: Could anyone please confirm if the shock absorbers for an R34 GTT are compatible with an R33 I get the impression that it is quite specific to model, ie R34 GTT might not fit in an R34 GT (non-turbo) or R34 GTT (2dr) might not fit in an R34 GTT (4dr). Secondly, is there anyway (maybe someone with Nissan FAST) could look up the appropriate part numbers for VIN: ER34040389 Thanks for anyone who can help out! It would be much appreciated
  8. UPDATE I need both front and rear shocks. I guess if for some reason you only have fronts or rears I will consider that too. Thanks!
  9. Hi there, Looking for a set of shock absorbers for the front end of my R34 GTT. Pickup melbourne would be best. Please PM me or SMS 041 3122 695 and we can talk prices. Thanks! Jay
  10. Hi there, Firstly are you in Melbourne? Secondly do you (or anyone know) whether the front shocks are compatible between R34 GT (non-turbo) and R34 GTT? I need the front shocks to fit on my Series 2 R34 GTT. Cheers, Jay
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