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  1. Before I bought these two GTRs, I had the GT-T Skyline. After having sold that I thought I'd buy one GTR for daily driving and one that I could build up for track/drag, etc. Like I've said, I don't have time for this anymore so I'm selling both to since I've ordered the new E92 M3. I also don't have space for them so that's why HCN is helping to sell. I don't keep my cars long enough to enjoy them fully. Some people think I trade in cars because I turn them over so quickly, which means buying them and selling them in under 6-12 months. I'm not a trader. My brother also sold his GTR to a chic up in QLD who's on boostcruising if anyone needs proof. Now, I'm here to sell these two cars and I'm not after time wasters.
  2. correct, it IS the same one. HCN is helping me sell the car. and if you read in my first post. NO SPACE for these cars. Hence why they are helping me sell them. back on topic now.
  3. Hey, when is the new GTR coming out anyway? It's just been released in Tokyo now right? Will definately be checking it out when it arrives!!
  4. Cheers. I originally wanted one for everyday driving and the other just for track/drag. Since I haven't had time to any of that I thought I'd sell them both and buy a brand new M3. They are great cars, but theres no time to enjoy them.
  5. As the title suggests, 2 R34 GTRs for sale. Details: They are 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTRs. One's blue and other one is white. Both got under 50,000kms. Like I said - stock as a rock, meaning no mods at all. Both in immaculate condition. (Both non vspec) Location: NSW Reason for sale: Bought a new M3 and no time/space for these. I had planned on keeping one stock and modding the other, but can't find the time. Price: $50,000 each car. NO SWAPS, and please no timewasters. Contact: Just PM me for details Blue one: White one:
  6. these wheels are Volk Racing CV Euro. And they are in very good condition aswell.
  7. ask lukesz. I've given him the number for a set of these in Sydney as he too was once after a set of them.
  8. Awesome price for some well kept rims. This car is never driven in bumps so theres definately no damage with these. Goodluck with the sale.
  9. I see you found your way to the forums! Seen this car at uni on numerous occassions and everytime I see it, it's always very well kept. The paint is like new. Goodluck with the sale mate. Shouldn't take long to sell this.
  10. Mike, the car is grey. easy to keep clean
  11. As the title suggests, my brother's R34 GTR is up for sale. Details are as follows: 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R Non V-spec 30,000kms Absolutely stock standard - not a single modification. Immaculate condition. Barely used, so the car is pretty much like new! Taking genuine offers around $51,000 ono. Looking for a quick sale but please no stupid offers. Reason for sale: Moved to city (close to work) and just ordered a new C Class which is better suited to the city. Also, the car has barely been driven due to overseas travel for work. Pictures: Location: Sydney
  12. POSSM is a nice looking car. They had the 98 GTR V-Spec before. Too bad it's mummy's car eh? That's the "chic" behind the wheel.
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