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  1. every workshop would love a 40k engine job however there are some people who arent after 700+hp btw top racing wanted 13k for a rb25 rebuild (basic rebuild) cp pistons eagle rods n1 oil pump gasket kit acl bearings parts were around 5.5k and he said machine work was around 2.5k that leaves labour to assemble engine/put in car at 5k?
  2. Sleekman


    if you run a search theres a few but fastways is awsome if you live in city and bus freight i think small stuff id stick with aussie post
  3. has it had the 100,000kms major service done/timing belt changed etc?
  4. a standard diff is useless for drifting (i beleive it only spins 1 wheel and its no where near as ez to control as a mechanical) a 1.5 or 2 way lsd will keep u going hard all day long brands like kaaz, cusco, nismo are all good expect to pay around 1.5k for one (give or take a hundred or two depending on brand/shop) or if your on a budget.... weld your diff together :D:D
  5. who did the rebuild? how long ago? any dyno graphs and reciepts for work done? Cheers
  6. i dont think any workshop/person would recommend a cat replacement for street use as its a 20k fine for not having one i think? (something ridicuous neway) and the person doing it also cops a hefty fine in the thousands range
  7. I bought my last 2 cars from interestate (i used to be from another state) just get an RAC equivilant company to inspect the car and email you the report or if u want an extensive report like C-reds with compression test etc then you'd have to call up a few well respected workshops to carry out an examation you have to take it over pits to rego it in WA but if its stock its no dramas just $56.50 pit fee + rego (approx $500 for a year) and stamp duty (2.5% of cars value i believe?) i used autotrans to transport my cars as they have insurance that covers the car while being transported so you dont have to buy insurance until it lands (i heard TNT is quite well too) ask all the usual questions like reason for sale, when was the car imported, service history, any accident history, current faults mechanical/cosmetic etc etc ps. dont fly over and check it yourself coz if its a lemon its outta your own pocket (did it once and never again)
  8. jshop sells R33 fmic + piping for $450 and $220 to install where did u get the price of $250 from
  9. Well for a S2 R33 u can import them landed, complied, starting at approx 16k? for the same price u can get a local one without the wait and u can rac inspect it id say private sellers are killing importers too
  10. took couple of months to sell my R33 annoying thing was i paid over $100 for the auto trader 1 week prior to the sale then i get 3 buyers wanted to look after ive sold it im guessing its all random luck and imports are getting alot cheaper as people are importing ship loads of them
  11. whats the difference between a hi-flow and normal? i know the hi flow performs better...... but what do u do 2 make it hi flow?
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