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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I have searched and searched but only found heaps of results on sedans but nothing for coupes. Can anyone confirm if the R34 Boot lip spoilers fit on coupes ? Or where I can buy one for a coupe. I can only find drag wings for 34 coupes.... Cheers Will
  2. The previous owner converted the car to RWD(God knows why), and put a RWD sump on it by the looks (Removed Shafts etc.) Its also been converted to Manual with a R32 GTR Box so shouldn't be an issue there. I have taken delivery of the crate engine today which has all the wiring harness all to the ECU so no probs I will pull the NA harness out and put the DET harness and ECU in as by the sounds of it that will be alot easier. Ill have a look at the rear diff also to see what ratio it chirped the right tyre when I turned into my driveway so I haven't inspected what has been done to that. Cheers for the help
  3. Hey Guys, I have an R34 GT Four RB25DE NEO that I recently purchased. I have purchased a C34 Stagea RS Four engine (RB25 NEO DET AWD), front diff and shafts complete with turbos, harness and ECU. Has anyone else done a similar conversion as I have a few questions ? 1) Any issues with adapting the DET ECU to existing harness or additional modifications to the harness required. 2) Will the diff and front shafts all bolt up fine. I'm picking up the engine this afternoon and just thought I would ask in advance. Cheers Will (Imtorqing)
  4. Contact perfourmance at Slackscreek they are great and mod plated my Vl turbo. Paid for one plate with three mods. Some charge per Mod which is bullshit...
  5. Guy's for sale I have my JHH built 26/30. Motor was rebuilt in 2008 and has about 15000 k's on it (3x powercruises) as its wasnt my daily driver. I am on the southside of brissy... The motor consists of a standard RB30 o ringed block, N1 oil pump with crank collar fitted, Argo rods, wiseco pistons, 2005 JHH street head on it(larger exhaust valves) with Tomei stage 2 cams, Greddy cam gears. Will from JHH has stated that metal headgasket should have no Problems being fitted now. Car made 580rwhp ATW years ago with my oldschool garrett 42R and last made 550rwhp through my auto on the Horsepower Solutions Dyno last time I had taken it. Engine will come with intake, coils, crank angle sensor etc. Motor is still in the car and running well. The car has been running awesome and shreds the tyres under boost up to third gear. Only reason I am selling is to pay off a loan I dont need and the car is worth more to me in pieces. To see my car in action go to youtube and put in willallan77 and go for JD Transmissions R33 vids Also for sale is my JD Transmissions 300zx box(rated at 1000hp) complete with 5000rpm converter(awesome streetable converter from the converter shop) and tailshaft (suits R33 GTST). Looking for 5 grand which building the box costs over 5 grand new and you need to source a box and converters as well. This box is the ducks nuts and Joel is an absolute champion bloke. Box will not be sold before motor... Happy to sell motor, box, manifold and turbo for 10 grand under a bundle deal. If it doesnt sell then ill keep it as i'm not desperate. If interested PM me or call 0422886721. I dont sell crap or rip people off... Cheers Bill (Imtorqing)
  6. Thanks guy's looks like i'll shim it. Cheers
  7. Guys, I have an R33 gtst with an auto. When I take off hard and my stall decides to get out of the way my turbo kicks in she just starts side winding and generally trying to kill me (that's with MT Streets). I am trying to set it up for drags. I converted the suspension back to standard springs with new kyb shocks, Camber castor kit front and back so the backs are keeping flat on road. Is there a diff option other than a straight out locker that I can utilize to keep her a straighter. I have looked at the nismo plates kit which looks like the same as shimming the diff and have heard mixed opinions. Any suggestions from experience would be appreciated. Cheers in advance....
  8. Hey Neville, This still for sale ???
  9. I will have a look but I wouldn't have thought that three days at Powercruise would have crucified them but I haven't used them before. They were great for the rolling drags along the straights as my car is moderately powered up and my auto does not assist in braking at all. I never feared running off of the track at the end of a straight. If I give it a spirited drive on the street with some heavy braking they warm up and stop squeeling.
  10. Guy's, My sumitomo pads run out about a year or so ago and needed to change my pads. I got Bendix Ultimates through a mate who works for Bursons and they were fine when they were first put in. No noise at all and I drove the car virtually daily. I changed both fronts and back and had all four discs machined. I changed the fluid to Castrol SIN for Powercruise to put up with higher heat (Will be going something better in future). They are still great out on the track and stop squeeling till they cool down and while driving around like a girl (Me most of the time lol) they squeel (Ear piercing screech). This all happened after I went to Powercruise (2011) for the three days and after three days there and returning to street duties they squeel like a b!tch. They have the anti squeel plates in etc. Anyone else had this problem, any suggestions. The Sumitomos were every bit as good (if not better.... I believe they were better) and never squeeled when brought back to normal driving.
  11. Coilovers are out of the car. Refer attached photo.
  12. Interior gone, coilovers and slicks still available.
  13. Guys, just replaced my old dash with a Gtr dash as previous dash Tacho flicked around all over the place. Anyway replaced it with Gtr dash and Tacho is barely off the black needle. It does move when revved but appears sluggish and i don't know why ??? Any suggestions (I tried dicking around with the earths to no Avail)
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