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  1. does anyone have any idea what a set of these wheels are worth in 17"? asking because i have a spare set sitting in my shed and someone wants to buy them and i have no idea what they're worth
  2. Thanks for all the advice fellas. im taking it over to melbourne now in the middle of feb for someone to look at.. no mechanics down here would have half of a clue what to look for... cant think of the name of the place im going too off the top of my head but i have one of the head fellas of autobarn in melbourne helping me so hopefully it can be fixed just by tweaking something on the dyno. if i had a light i'd check the timing myself but i cant really be bothered at the moment... once again, thanks for your input
  3. Hey people, anyone with any ideas on this topic would help.. im driving an r33 gtst with a trust fmic and forward facing plenum chamber and a greddy emanage which are the main mods... stock turbo, recently had it on a dyno to find it had 139.9 rwkw... which is kinda a swift kick in the nuts since its running 12psi... the ignition coils are fine.. air/fuel is good.. exhaust is a 3" front pipe to a 2 X 2.5 cat back system. fuel pump is a walbro pump of around about 500hp... when you drive it you put your foot down and it just doesnt really go anywhere like it should, i seriously think i could run quicker... but theres no missfire or anything.. just no power. theres a broken knock sensor snapped off in the block but i've been told the emanage bypasses that (hence why i baught it) and i beleive it has... any idea whatelse to look at as too why im about 40/50 rwkw shy of what i should be?? only thing i can think of is maybe the timing..
  4. just wondering on this subject, i have my 33 off the road doing up all fancy interior bits and stuff.. i took the back pannel off the other day and im wondering how easy it is to get the light up skyline badge on it... or is that a completly different item? is it as simple as just slipping a neon in somehow?
  5. Cheers for the idea, will check it out. all other ideas welcome
  6. hey people how are you all? i recently baught a mechanical boost controller for my 33 and installed it, the cars running pretty stock except for a pod and cat back 2 X 2.5" exhaust.. i want to run 12psi which i beleive stock these cars should be able to run without a problem, so i did and i encountered what i guess you would discribe as a surge... thaught it might be a spark problem, so baught new plugs and gapped them to about .9mm.. about .2mm less then standard.. didnt work... thaught it might be a timing problem.. out with the timing light.. 15'... not happy... when you boost up it surges and backfires so it could be running too rich... which could mean an air leak in a pressure line.... i dont know... has this happened to anyone else??? any ideas???
  7. Hey People, since i got my S1 33 my fog lights have never worked and i gave it a good look over today. theres globes... theres a switch but all the comes on is parkers... the globe works and the relay under the bonnet works... but theres no fog lights.. we even tried to bypass the relay but still nothing... anyone had the same problem? any ideas?
  8. hey guys, i have a 33 gtst and i have the same sorta switch but its mounted up on the slot to the left of my stearing column... but i do have the little gtr emblem which is kewl, but im just wondering what you need for the fog lights, you flick the switch up I, down II and the parkers come on, but i need some globes/cradles for the fog lights.. the wiring looms all there i just need something to go in it, does anyone know what globes you need?
  9. hey fellas i've got a problem with my fuel guage aswell, after sliding around a corner its jumped up half or 3/4 of a tank... reckon its the same solution?
  10. hey people, i baught a 33 a few weeks ago in adelaide and the thrust bearing is apparently stuffed in it, its under warrenty so it doesnt worry me, but im wonderin if this is a common problem?
  11. hey people, i baught a 33 a few weeks ago in adelaide and the thrust baring is apparently stuffed in it, its under warrenty so it doesnt worry me, but im wonderin if this is a common problem?
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