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  1. Fyi, the parts I have left I've listed on gumtree. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/mark/1001639920 Cheers.
  2. Sold my car so clearing out parts collected. *Parts for r34 coupe rwd unless otherwise mentioned. *Parts are in used condition unless otherwise mentioned. roof lining $50 driver seat parts $30 rear interior trim (excellent) $200 air conditioner condenser $100 rear seats $200 r34 hks sld $150 silver bumper front $200 white bumper front $200 coupe silver bumper rear $200 coupe black bumper rear $200 r34 power fc/hc/boost kit $1000 nismo 480cc injectors $400 custom cat back exhaust $800 custom dump pipe rb25 flange $200 custom dump pipe garrett iw flange $200 shockworks coilovers $1200 - on hold dms coilovers $1700 sydneykid bilstein suspension $800 whiteline front/rear swaybars $400 cusco front upper camber arms $400 gt3076 0.82 iw garrett $1200 gtx3071 0.63 iw garrett $1200 mamba rb25 iw rear 0.73 new $200 race radiator dandenong radiator $300 trust return intercooler $400 trust oil cooler $800 coupe qm1 pass door $200 coupe kv2 pass door $200 coupe kv2 driver door $200 z32 afm $150 splitfire coilpacks $400 pass mirror $100 passenger rear quarter glass $200 bear 4wd r34 rear cradle/subframe $200 qm1 coupe boot lid (wing holes) $250 coupe tail light pass driver $250 pass rear quarter glass $200 oem rb20/rb25 exhaust manifold $50 kaaz 1.5way lsd centre $800 PWR core custom vertical flow intercooler $600 NEW driver rear quarter panel $900 NEW driver and passenger rear inner guards $600 NEW nissan r34 turbo gearbox from justjap $3200 NEW halogen r34 driver headlight $400 NEW halogen r34 passenger headlight $400 NEW derali oil sandwich plate (made in usa, thermostat) $80 Racepace r33 rb25det motor (forged, n1 water/oil) laid up with oil $3000 q45 throttle body $200 q45 air flow meter $150 v35 sedan headlights (halogen) $350 v35 hks sld $250 v35 bilsteins (need painting) $300 v35 sedan bumper (2005) air guides $100 NEW v35 kyb dampers $400 Pickup in Croydon. Parts may be listed elsewhere. PM if interested.
  3. Do as previous replier and check the security light. If not it may be the camshaft sensors, they sometimes throw a code, sometimes not (this happened to my v35).
  4. I've had a few enquiries but cannot modify original post, so for clarification... Car is currently registered but will be sold in an unroadworthy/unregistered condition/without plates. This is due to cage and parts removed. A receipt will be provided. Thanks for looking.
  5. Bumpo. Looking to move this car on, reducing price to $8000 cash. Perfect for circuit folks looking for something with a cage, or N/A people looking for turbo manual conversion.
  6. I have a 2004 v35 sedan with 6mt, 160km odo, I'd say it hasn't been treated well in the past. My vq35de consumes oil, so each week I check the dipstick, probably a 1-1.5mm every two weeks. The transmission is rough, vibrating, noisy, hates the cold, not half as good as my 98 r34 gtt 5 speed manual. Wear and tear items like the front suspension arm bushes, rear diff bush, clutch, engine hoses, cam sensors, radiator, rear wheel bearings needing replacement. +'s the handling is superior to the r34 and I can see out the windows unlike a coupe and modern cars :)
  7. 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 turbo coupe for sale Silver 70,000km Mostly stock Reasonable condition. Purchased in 2000, my daily then motorsport vehicle but lately unused and collecting dust. 6 point Rai Curry Fabraications CAMS approved and log booked weld in cage. Regularly serviced, oil/fluids/etc. The good: Low kms Original motor Original gearbox Registered The bad: Paint Front bumper Passenger front 1/4 and door shell dented Driver jacking point Passenger mirror not working Exhaust manifold crack (I'll throw another one in) Accident repairs front/side/rear. I have removed the air cond, interior trim and rear seats, plus some other parts. All original parts minus original r34 wheels are available to go with the car. Due to 6 point weld in roll cage, no RWC will be supplied. Either track it, part it, or remove the rollcage + restore to rwc and profit. If your looking for a perfect example or have no money ready then please look elsewhere. If interested please contact me and bring along photo id, I'll be driving only. No swaps. Cash/bank cheque. $9500ono. zero four zero 2 four 2 7 zero zero 4
  8. What software are you using? nisprog?
  9. First thing I'd do is get a code reader to check for any error codes. Workshop or ebay.
  10. r34 gtt coupe new panels I bought some new panels from Nissan many years ago but never got around to using them. They can be used to repair panel damage, rust, reinstating factory intercooler pipe holes, restoration, etc. Part numbers: driver rear quarter panel 78100-AA130 $700 pass rear quarter panel 78101-AA130 $700 driver rear inner guard wheel house out 76712-AA130 $300 pass rear inner guard wheel house out 76713-AA130 $300 driver hood ledge 64130-26U34 $300 pass hood ledge 64131-26U36 $300 driver boot pocket 74530-AA100 $200 pass boot pocket 74531-AA130 $200 Prices are negotiable, prefer pickup for rear qtr panels as they are large! Thanks for looking. Contact me either PM or 0402 427 004 All parts in Croydon Victoria. Cheers, Mark.
  11. The problem was there after the botched clutch install and now after new clutch install. The second workshop checked only trans mount, but I'll check all mounts. I suspect the exedy clutch kit wasn't balanced, but lets see if the mounts are ok. Interesting that an importer (not the importer of the car) said it's normal, hmm, pretty rough compared with my long throw vibration-free r34 gearbox.
  12. I'm bringing this back from the dead, hoping someone may be able to help. I have a recent purchase 2004 v35 sedan 6mt with the load vibration/knock/rattle noise on acceleration but not cruise or deceleration in all rpm/all gears. I replaced the oem dmf clutch with a locally sourced exedy uprated clutch/npc smf kit - NSK-7454SMF, I use Castrol VMX-M 75W-85 transmission fluid. The first clutch install was botched by a local gtr specialist workshop (it made the noise then), a new clutch was fitted along with my dad/I replacing the important input and output shaft bearings in the CD008 gearbox before reinstallation by another workshop. After the new clutch install I still have the same acceleration vibration as before. The pedals/gear knob vibrate badly with the accompanying rattle/knocking noise. I took the car to a car importer familiar with v35s and he said it was normal for the CD008, and that the CD009 was as better transmission. I have listened to videos and don't believe it's rod knock or knock from bad fuel, the diff bush is flogged so will be replacing that soon. Any ideas or 350z/v35 experts in melbourne who may be able to help diagnose please let me know.
  13. That is an unhappy dash. Hence why I'm trying to find a dash mat for my v35 sedan. May be worthwhile finding a good used one from a wrecker.
  14. Tried a few places in Australia and dash designs in US, but haven't heard back or nothing available. Anybody have something either direct fitting or trimming required. Thanks.
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