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  1. Hi all, Just clearing out the garage to get rid of some stuff I've gathered over time. I want this stuff gone. Pick up available if you live in Sydney, shipping of items can be arraigned at buyers expense. Call/SMS on 0403 072 118 All parts to suit R33. They came of my S1 but some may fit on S2. * Mirrors (RHS) and (LHS, burgundy - $70 * HKS Sequential Blow off valve (Bolts straight over STD) -$50 * Front indicators to suit S1. I have 2 set’s one still has the standard power clips one doesn't - $60 each * RHS inner guard bought the wrong side -$20 (came of GTR) (If anyone has the LHS willing to buy or swap) Pics Will post more pics later and on request Cheers Guy's and Gal's
  2. Hi mate I'm interested in the suspension. I know you said pick up only but would you consider shipping them to Sydney with me paying for shipping. Cheers Bernie
  3. hey mate the car wouldn't have standard suspension would it, if so I'll seriously consider taking them off u cheers Bernie
  4. Hi mate I don't have a standard front bar, but if you need I have the standard indicators for a standard r33 series 1 front bar. I also have a fibre glass lip spoiler for that bar. If you want mor info just let me know. Cheers Bernie
  5. Hi mate, Im interested in the stock susspension. Whats the condition of then? can you post pic's? and how much are you after for them + shipping to SYD cheers Bernie
  6. Hi mate, Whats the suspension like? Is it standard or aftermarket and is the front left damaged at all? How much are you looking for the instrument cluster. cheers Bernie
  7. Hi mate, I'm interested in the standard air box and snorkle have you still got them. Where are you located in Syd. cheers Bernie
  8. Hi mate just wondering if you still have the muffler? Where are you located? Does the muffler have a silencer? can you post a photo of the other end of the muffler as well. cheers bernie
  9. It's a series One skyline, if anyone has these items it would be greatly appricated
  10. Hi guys/girls i have an M spec front bar on my 33gts-t and i'm after the front half of the wheel arch splash tray for both sides and the fog light assembly that replaces the standard indicator set up on the front bar. If anyone can help with these item it would be much appricated as i have been looking for months. cheers Bernie
  11. Hi mate You wouldn't happen to have the plastic wheel arc for the passenger side on a series 1 would u.
  13. hey do u still have the gauges, and if so how much do u want for them.
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