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    1. clayoth


      Without the centre cap.  Will keep those as a set...

  2. For sale: 3 x Nismo LMGT4 18 x 9.5 +12 offset One of the set was damage, hence just 3 for sale. Open to selling as singles/pair if someone else also needs to replace a damage wheel. They are straight, with original coating/decals. They have a the usual scuffs and marks expected from 90K's of street driving. $450 each, or $1200 for the 3. More photos will be available on request. (...otherwise I am wanting to buy a single or pair in this size to recreate a set...)
  3. Looking forward to my first official event with the 300ZX.
  4. Thanks mate! Enquiry sent...
  5. Wanting to buy cabin carpet for R34 GTR in good condition.
  6. Wanting to buy a car trailer to cart around a GTR. Looking for something that will work with a low car, so either tilt or duck tail. Preferrably in Vic, but SA or NSW also OK.
  7. Beautiful car! I was on the forum (haven't been around for a while), thinking about selling my R34 GTR. But not now.... Inspired!
  8. allblitz, Not sure whether a GTT exhaust will fit??? Anyone know..?
  9. If you dont' ask... Constable Plod was good enough to hit me a defect notice on my GTR last week for insufficient ground clearance. Would anyone in or about Melbourne have a standard (cat back) R34 GTR exhaust in their shed that they would consider renting (for say, a box of beer) for a day? Cheers Clayton..
  10. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm This seems harsh. However, this is the approach that I used for my track WRX. I did the first 30km on the street (up to 10psi boost, 1/2 and then full throttle, up to about 5500 revs) and then changed the oil. Did the balance of the run in on the track (12psi boost, full throttle, 6500rpm limit), followed by another oil change. I used mineral oil for the run-in plus two more events, then synthetic (Penrite 25/60). The engine is strong and the rings have bedded-in nicely.
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