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  1. S/C V8 vs Best Skyline (RWD only) Ok you flogs, I was an avid R33 GTS-T man long ago however swapped to the ol' S/C V8 situation. I believe there are a few very nicely powered GTS-Ts out there, a Crimson Red one worked up from BoostWorx comes to mind, that claims to be top of the tree?!? Who'd like me to challenge Whatsisname to a best average of three at a drag meet? My ride, 2008 VE SSV, MP1900 blown, cammed, auto sedan.
  2. Freebaggin


    Guys Mate of mine wants to import a 350GT. Who are the reputable SA importers/dealers these days? Regards, Lachlan.
  3. FS, Stock R33 Series 1 GTS-T Coupe Springs, 1994 model. $350 Adelaide.
  4. As the title says, all in this thread: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...43697&st=20
  5. Hi all, Only just getting around to selling my Turbosmart e-Boost. Approx 2.5 yrs old. Lots of features and great boost control for the toughest application. Here are some features: http://www.horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/prod433.htm Price: $385. Please call on 8344 0946 if intereted.
  6. I have some restraints, not sure if they are a generic type, shitty location aren't they. Beer is a very nice liquid.
  7. Struts? Skylines don't have struts, leave them for cheaparse Silvias and Dunnydores. Do you mean dampers and springs?
  8. The beetle loves it too. OK, the GTR strut brace assy is back for sale.....a misunderstanding. $280, SA buyers only.
  9. If it works out that I sell the full system I have, it's a full 3.5" turbo back, so I'd want good money for it. Again, I want a dirt cheap cat back R33 coupe stock exhaust system to keep on the car.
  10. Hi again! How did you go with the exhaust? If I take it will be for good. Cheers. Thanks Tangles, but I have turbo to cat. $250 is rich
  11. So does anyone have a stock R33 GTS-T 2-door cat back exhaust for sale for next to nothing??
  12. Jeez do I need a holiday Have fun and I might see you when you get back.
  13. Can we keep to the topic. Other stuff available in a month or less.
  14. Genuine R33 GTR rear brace assembly. Three set of components to stiffen up rear end as Nissan intended for GTR race setup. Now that it's off I can really feel the difference, less predictable handling. Bolts straight in, holes and bolts already in all R33 GTS-T coupes. $305 Pic attached. P.S. Selling car in stock form so have lots of other hot bits I'm taking off. More to come.
  15. Thanks guys. I've decided to take bits off and trade in as stockie on new car. From a timing perspective, it will work better for me and that's worth something at this stage. CBF having people come over and kick tyres etc.
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