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  1. Hi Scott, You did see Steve today but i did run out the front as you were pulling away.
  2. SImon, tyres can be sourced no probs. i do suggest staying away from used tyres as the import costs do tend to blow the prices out a bit. ill pm u with some options if you like. as for the S03's.. are u referring to the Firenza's? If so, they are already in the country. cheers
  3. crack, the RE30 is available in the following sizes in 18" 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10.5 limited offsets but certainly something to suit your ECR33. 18x8.5 +30 fronts 18x9.5 +35 rears $4338 for this particular set. cheers
  4. Topaz, the 99B comes in a 18x9.5 +22 to suit the GT-R The dish is a diamond cut design. As a one piece wheel, it's not easy to obtain lots of dish. You'll get about 38m of dish with them. Forged, Your 2 tyres are not far away mate. We have had some issues with our guys abroad. This problem has now been resolved. Apologies for the delay. Not long now mate. John, cheers for your update Nutsack, Those titamium babies are quite the eye catcher. We will have some in stock shortly. Mike, pm on its way mate. cheers
  5. Dear valued customers and members, We at JDM Imports have temporarily ceased trading due to some unexpected issues abroad. These problems have now been resolved. Any rumours of us no longer in business should be dismissed. We are currently on holidays until the 15th of January however we are available via email until we reopen in mid Jan. Any fresh orders and enquiries are welcomed at any time. All enquiries can be directed to enquiries@jdmimports.com.au Any followups of existing orders can be sent to sales@jdmimports.com.au Any complaints or concerns can be sent to charles@jdmimports.com.au or via PM as i will personally attend to any issues. Sincere apologies to all of those that have had problems contacting us over the Christmas break. Thank you for the support from many of the members here on SAU and we will endeavour to sustain our untarnished reputation amongst our existing and future customers. Kindest regards, Charles P.S... Lot's of new goodies available. A fresh post to come shortly. BTW, Thanks for dropping in today Scott. Love your 4 door 34 GT
  6. Gramlight T57RC 18x7.5 +33 18x8.5 +45 (suitable for S15) $2599 G-games 99B in stock to suit Silvia (2 SETS LEFT . BE QUICK) GT-R sets just landed 18" versions available. From $2699 Volk Racing GT-AV in 18" to suit Supra/Soarer Also available in 19" to suit GT-R From $3400 CE28N in 19" to suit Supra/Soarer and also a set for Z33 Rays Lug Nuts available in BLACK and BLUE $200 + delivery Long 51mm sets also available. Project MU parts also available. AS SEEN IN THIS MONTH'S HOT4's EXTRA Lug nuts in Gunmetal or Gold $219 a set Project MU Shift knobs $100 each Project MU SCR and Pure Plus 6 Rotors in stock for various applications. From $515 Project MU B-spec pads From $219. Pads for most popular vehicles in stock.
  7. Hi guys.. Once again we are proud to offer some of the latest, brand new designs from Rays Wheels. These sets are the latest creations from Rays Japan. Be the first in the country to take advantage of our current offers.. The 57 Pro and the 57S pro have been in circulation for a long time. We are proud to announce the new titanium dish model which has finally been released after many many months of negotiations. 17" sets with the titanium dish from $997 per rim 18" sets with the titanium dish from $1070 per rim Production and shipping applies Note: RMC extra $200 per rim Another new addition to the Rays range is the brand new Volk Racing RE30. Another quality light weight forged design which is 30% stronger than the flagship CE28N. Production on this new model starts early December. Be the first! I dare you! We have an introductory price on these fine sets. Normally listed at around $80 extra per rim compared to the CE28N, we can now offer these for less than the RRP of the CE28N for a limited time. Available colours are BRONZE and SILVER 17" from $900 18" from $985 Production and shipping applies Finally, i'd like to introduce the brand new G-games 77M If you're looking for affordability, then look no further. This stylish wheel once again backs up the ongoing high quality products offered by G-games. These are currently exclusive to our Australian customers via JDM Imports. Sizes available are... 17x7 +30 or +42 18x7.5 +30 or +42 PCD 100/4, 114.3/5, 100.5 Available in Gunmetal or Matte Black with Red Lip. Once again, we are offering these at an introductory price. 17" @ $460 per rim 18" @ $499 per rim Production of these new sets are underway. Be the first in Australia to take advantage of this unbeatable offer. Here is a list of some of the rims in stock, ready to send to your door. Gramlight 57 Maximum. Limited sets left in stock. PM for a complete list of what is left in stock and incoming. Special introductory price shown below.. CLICK HERE Gunblue Version (GUNBLUE VERSION LEFT IN STOCK FOR S15/Z32/GTST..etc) Silver Version (ONLY STI SET LEFT AND GT-R SET) Buddyclub P1 Pro Spec in gunmetal. One set left! $1740 + free delivery! 17x8 +32 17x9 +37
  8. Anthony, Youre welcome mate. EvilINGT, $995 and $1024 per rim respectively. cheers
  9. Here is a preview of the new Volk Racing RE30 This was supposed to replace the CE28N however with so many orders for the CE28N still coming thru, Rays have decided to keep the CE28N as a current model. The new RE30 is also a forged rim. 30% stronger and is as light weight as the flagship CE28N. We will start taking orders for the new RE30 in early December.
  10. Hi evil, apologies for the delay. copped the flu really hard last week. Still recovering. We can order in the CE28N in the specs you have requested with the correct offsets to suit your vehicle. The standard colours are shining silver and bronze however custom colours such as the black is also an option. Slightly longer production time is required for any custom colour. PM me for a quote. Im happy to assist. BTW, a new style of Volk Racing forged 1 piece will begin production in early December. Stay tuned for a fresh new post regarding this in the days to come. cheers Charles
  11. NISMO CATBACK for BNR34. Only 4 weeks of usage in total. No damage or unsightly scratches. This pristine system is ready to send to your door. Model # 20100-RNR45 $1499 Valued at $1999 as a new system.
  12. Defintely not in stock in those colours. Production time has just been confirmed @ 6~7 weeks. Shipping ex Japan will be an additional 4 weeks. cheers Charles
  13. Im guessing you are referring to this sort of finish? Pm sent.
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