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  1. Yes, some of it is still there. Let me know what you're interested in?Cheers Mark
  2. Yes they will and they are still sitting in a box brand new in my garage. Let me know if your interestedCheers Mark
  3. Yes, but remember that all these cars racing Targa Class were never built for the circuit including mine. They were Targa' cars 1st and foremost where owners of competitive Targa cars want to get more use out of them, that's all. All the front running IP cars would do jack s*** in Targa under it's rules, where Classic plays 2nd fiddle to modern, so that's what you buy and build up. So they have chosen to a race a competitive car, road race. Not saying the RX-7 should be uncompetitive just level up the playing field a little, Rotaries rule the class.
  4. Thanks heaps for that, I've got the manual out right now! I sit on the Tas Racing Drivers Club committee and we are the affiliated IPRA body in Tas. I'll ask our national delegate next week to find out what it will take to get GTS-t's on the list. I notice Silvia's are now ok. (pity CAMS can't spell it!!). There are just as many if not more GTS-t's in OZ so who knows. Might see you at a track in NSW one day Cheers
  5. Yeh, you're right but thay aren't different models as such, just different options of the same base car like Commodore Executive and Clubsport. You can rock up in an Executive with a 6 litre Chevy engine, no differnt me think! Some weren't happy at the time, more so with Garwood's EVO VI than mine bucket of bolts. I was pretty raw in 01 having done just 1 race meet and 4 Targa's and only went to the Nationals because Lawrence said I couls run. Targa Class has been a saviour though here for lots of cars and is heaps bigger now than IP here just because of Targa itself. It's morally true in relation to GTS-t's and GTR's but 808's are VERY different cars to RX-7's too but it's ok to run an 808 with an RX-7 engine etc!! The rules aren't consistent and if it is true production racing then all cars should run the engine they were made with, shouldn't they? It just seems that some makes have a lot more freedom than others and late model cars are disadvantaged by restrictors and weight, evident by the cold hard fact that not many cars made in the last 15 years are competitive, which makes no sense when you think how far production road cars have come in that time. Enough about my griping, are you racing anything currently? Cheers
  6. Thanks for your help Steve, we have a TRDC meeting next week and I will ask our delegate to the IPRA to discuss the eligibility of Skylines with them as there are plenty of Targa guys here who would love to run the Nationals at Baskerville in October and if there is a way to make then eligible would be great. Lawrence did make the right call, he wasn't approving my car as such but simply following the rules in the 01 manual and as Nissan brought in 100 complied GTR's, that made them eligible under the rules at that time and as the rule talked about models not derivitives of models, meaning any R32 Skyline was eligible. The arguement after the fact was that being a GTS-t, was it eligible? The technical commission deemed it was as the R32 Skyline was released in Australia as was the Lancer. Funnily the 100 car minimum rule in IP was changed for 2002 to 200 cars!! Can't think why!! Thanks again, I'll let the world know if there is a change Cheers
  7. I'm interested to know what the rules are as I'd love to come up there for a run and there would be a few who'd come up too from down here. We took a team of Nissans to the Winton 6 hour, which was a bit of fun but didn't think there was much else our cars were eligible for Can you enlighten me as to the restrictions and car eligilbility etc? Is it listed in the CAMS manual, if so what page/s Cheers and thanks for your help 26motorsport
  8. You're right, it wasn't a stunt though. My car was approved pre- 2001 Nationals by the CAMS Technical Director- Peter Lawrence!!! I turned up with his paperwork, that is why they let me run, which was a waste of time anyway with a 36mm restrictor fitted, struggled to keep up with the fire ute!!. The IPRA set the rules to which CAMS ratify, so any recognition paperwork goes to them. CAMS have little to do with IP at all in terms of its rules and unfortunately most of the guys who run have RX somethings and do you think they are going to let in a whole bunch of Nissans?? Don't think so. Rightly or wrongly, Targa Class is where it is at down here at the moment and I hope that in time we will all be under IP but whilst there are over 50 cars running Targa Class out of 100 cars that actually race in total in Tassie, why would you run anywhere else? It does annoy me though that I can only run at events like the 6 hour Winton relay over there. Can anyone tell me if GTS-t's are eligible in the NSW set up? What are the rules etc? Would love to go up there for a run Cheers 26motorsport
  9. Hi I'l be driving my GTS-t for the 2nd time as the official camera car, it's fun. They pay for everything and you get to have a fang on the stages and pass old cars!! You may remember, the cameraman getting cleaned up by Walker's R32 GTR last year?? I was standing right next to him, yuk!! He was my man!! My GTS-t was the first ever accepted into targa in `97 and won it's class 4 times from 5 starts I started this job last year after navigating 8 straight Targa's with a best 4th place outright in `03, riding shotgun in a VW Turbo. (Porsche). Garwood and I had a huge crash on Gunns Plains in `04 whilst leading outright, breaking my neck in two literally and ending my Targa career. So in doing the camera car thing has kept me involved and my knowledge of course has helped Southern Cross to cover the event better. I had a ball last year and would love to catch up with any Nissan nuts. Just come up to car 800. I live in Hobart so would be happy to show you all where to get a decent feed and a drink or seven!! Car # - 800 Driver name - Mark Perry Co-Driver name - Tim Williams Vehicle type - R32 GTS-t Targa history - 1997-2004 Targa Tas, 1998-2004 Rally Tas 4th outright- 03, 5th outright- 02. 5 class wins, golden targa trophy. 3rd outright Rally Tas- 03 & 04 General comments - I love Targa!! Cheers and see you all there! 26motorsport
  10. Hi I squezzed through a loop hole at the 2001 IP Nationals to run my heavily restricted GTS-t on the back of the rules saying `models' only and R32 GTR's were sold here, meaning I could run as a modified GTR. I was later charged by the stewards for running an illegal car and had to face the CAMS Technical Commission along with Greg Garwood who ran an EVO VI RS. We both got off and I lobied hard at this meeting for one of two things to happen. 1- Change IP Rules to allow the thousands of import cars to run IP, after GTR's were the most awesome Production Touring Cars ever made and in a class where it is ok to run a 6 Litre Chevy powered Torana, Hello!! 2- Create a class for import jap cars! Guess what happened- 1- IPRA altered their rules to ensure cars like mine and Garwood's would never run again and 2- CAMS still hasn't set up a class for MODERN production cars, citing that they simply validate IPRA rules and it is up to them to change them. I again chat with Peter Lawrence (CAMS Technical Director) in Jan this year and five years later, he is saying that IPRA really do need to make some changes and said that CAMS are working on a set of rules to recognise a production class for late model imported cars. This is not so much because we are doing this Targa thing, but SA and WA have similar events to Targa and now wish to follow our lead to bolster field numbers at their race meets like we have. This is the reason for Targa Class. ALL these cars should be in Improved Production, they are after all production cars made in numbers far in excess of anything racing in IP. When an 808 wagon can win the Nationals legally, that you run cars with engines they were never made with, one wonders where the rules have gone wrong. A class that calls a 92 EB Falcon modern, c'mon! And then let it run as a GT when in fact is 4/5th's a V8 Supercar!! I would love to run IP, we have watched IP remain stagnant and the guys here running them get frustrated by the growth of Targa Class but everyone who is in there has built a car that is suitable to Targa and then taken it to the track. The IPRA has not welcomed these cars at all and even the ones that can run are heavily restricted to ensure they are not competitive. Yes, we have the IP Nationals this year at the best short track in the country, Baskerville. I am the Head of the organising committee at the TRDC for this event and I do support IP. I have worked really hard here on the admin side to help IP as the TRDC are the official IP club here. I really hope that plenty of mainland guys come down, especially the under 2 litre guys because they will have a real show at Basky of winning outright. I would again love to compete but unfortunately my GTS-t remains ineligibale, which is a shame. Who knows when IPRA are here and see Targa Class they may ask why aren't all these cars running IP too and we'll see some change. There is an opportunity for the IPRA to be HUGE. So, we haven't taken our bat & ball, there simply has been little choice and creating this set up has saved circuit racing in Tasmania that was all but dead 5 years ago with over 50% of total entries now in Targa Class. Like HQ racing did in the 90's when it was invented in Tasmania and eventually went national, we hope that either the IPRA, CAMS or both will have the wisdom to bring ALL Production Car Racing under one set of rules. IP can't keep survivng on rules that are biased towards 30 year old cars forever. The days of having to turn an ordinary car in to a good one are gone. Anyone who owns a Skyline, EVO or WRX knows that and all these cars are dirt cheap to race in comparison to a lot of the front running IP cars. I'm guessing spectators too might be a little more thrilled by GTR's than 808's too!! 5,000 plus crowds at our race meets confirms this. When I have been to State Rounds in Vic and NSW, there are more people in pitlane than out of it! Lets all pray for some sanity on this, lobby Peter Lawrence at CAMS, lobby the IPRA and we can force change!! Cheers 26motorsport
  11. CAMS rules for all levels below National Series or Championships are that if the car is ADR approved it does not require a roll cage! Although you would be a little silly not to have one but we have had some GTR's run without them. The car does need to have a kill switch, fire extinguisher and 3 inch harnesses but a race seat is optional. the driver needs to have the full kit of racegear too. The `no rules' was meant in the way that there are no eligibilty rules unlike Sports Sedan and Improved Production etc meaning the car doesn't have to be factory, you can fit any modification you can afford so a lot of the cars are making well over 350kw at the wheels and throw flames a mile long!! Like I said the only rule is no slicks
  12. Hey, Check out the circuit racing down in Tassie! Targa Class where the only rule is no slicks. ANY & ALL modifications are allowed. Heaps of GTR's INCLUDING A MINES, GTS-t's, 300ZX's and a mean black 600hp Nizpro 200SX/R!! Check out the photos including White's Targa winning R34 GTR V Spec II N1 They are running against Evo 6'S & 7's, STi's, twin turbo Porsche's and RX-7's, even Chevy V8 Torana's. All on the track together! No restrictors, no minimum weights, NO RULES! It is on for young and old!! Check it out at www.trdc.net.au They are only charging $170 entry for 40 laps of racing!!! Why don't they have this everywhere? Who knows but for the hottest Skyline racing in the country, check out Targa Class in Tassie. Go to the website, check out the dates and get down there
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