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  1. any way to checks the ballasts without wiring them up?
  2. awesome, thank you ! yeah the headlights came with ballasts and globes. havent pulled out the D2R yet but HB3 is at least intact.
  3. ok cool, thanks for the info. not at all what I had assumed!
  4. thanks Leroy. my car is here, the headlights I bought recently from Japan. my car came into Aus with the older non-HID headlights (halogens on high and low).
  5. Got some kouki HID headlights for my Y34 Gloria and a bit confused about the globes, which is the low/high low beam etc. Correct me if I'm wrong - LHS side is a projector setup (HB3 halogen globe) and the RHS is a reflector setup (D2R HID globe). Curious at to why the HID would go in the reflector? Am I missing something?
  6. Hey mate,

    Can you tell me where all the bolts are for the headlight assembly on the Gloria? Tough to find info on the net for Glorias...

    3 exposed ones are easy, is there a 4th (or more) near the side panel on the inside?

    Any info appreciated, thanks!!

  7. For those still reading this thread - I came across a couple of M45 workshop manuals whilst trawling the net to find out what kind of globes Y34's use without taking them out (cos they're a massive pain to change/remove!). These won't be exactly the same for all things (engine related mostly I guess) but still has some stuff that I found useful. http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/M/
  8. hey also looking for a manual tried PMing but not working - can you send me one? robertvinning@gmail.com
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