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  1. +1 for Rex Kelway. He built me an awesome manifold for my rb25/30 with great collector and external gate, delivered for well under 1k.... extremely happy.
  2. http://www.crazysales.com.au/petrol-engine-compression-tester-kit-set-for-motorcycles-and-automotives.html
  3. did you get it sorted? having a similar hot starting problem...
  4. Thanks for replies, that will be my next step (a stock ecu). Anyone have a stock r32 rb20det computer that they wanna sell me?
  5. sorry guys should have been clearer. WAS running gtr injectors with resistor pack, but thinking this was the problem i removed the resistor pack and re-installed standard injectors. I since have reverted back to stock as a rock rb20 tune and the hot start problem still remains. NO injector pulse at all, but good spark.
  6. Checked with noid light on injector plug. Definately has fuel pressure. Has power to one side of the injectors. Has good spark on crank.
  7. As stated have no injector pulse if car is driven till normal operating temp. After turning car off car will just crank, has great spark but no injector pulse. Cold start perfect, never cuts out once running. Background info: r32 has just gone major heart transplant from rb20 to rb25/30 with highmount gt3082, front facing plenum, gtr injectors and resistor pack (which i have changed back to standard) + nistune. Absolutely hauls arse.... but pull into servo to fill up and have to wait 15mins or so before it will fire back into life. I had the nistune board installed by electronic repair man who had never done this before which is where i believe the problem may lie. Has anyone had anything like this happen before??? Any feedback much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. Need to get oil and water lines for my highmount gt3082 on rb2530. As topic states, where is the best place to buy. Obviously there is a difference in quality out there in the kits I have come accross, ranging from about $80 up to nearly $400. What have you guys used? tried searching cannot find answers. Thanks
  9. Progate spring required. Anywhere from 6-7 psi up to 12psi preferably new.
  10. There is 47mm between cam cover and compressor housing. Can someone tell me how much clearance they have between turbo and strutt tower in similar setup? Compressor housing is directly inline with strutt tower.
  11. Just recieved turbo today gt3082r to fit to built rb2530. It seems from a quick measure up that the setup is not going to clear the strutt tower in my r32 gtst. Steam pipe manifold made by reputable maker, and is of excellent quality. But I have about 45mm ish between turbo and cam cover. I was just curious to you guys out there about how close the compressor housing is to your cam cover? Please list what sort of turbo and what model skyline. Thanks.
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