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  1. Hey dude, Know where I could get a good second hand exhaust for a S2 Stagea? or know of any around?

  2. Hey guys, want a cat back for my 99 RS4 Stagea, if you know of any around be much appreciated. Cheers Lee.
  3. Getting the timing belt kit put in on Wednesday, thought I would share a pic of the kit, all nice genuine Nissan box's, looks good.
  4. Really so it's a Stagea thing? i've had numerous turbo cars inc an s1 r33 and never heard this sound although the seller of the car did say when i questioned it "oh i thought that's how they all sounded" I know the normal intake sound but this is def different to anything I have heard before I thought gasket or impeller getting sucked into housing.
  5. Well got around too pulling all the intake out today to check the turbo and yeah good 1mm or more movement in and out, have a feeling my noise may be turbo, it sounds exactly like a bath tub draining kind of thing on full stock boost
  6. Is this front bar a DAYZ? Looks factory I like it
  7. How much delivered to Gold Coast, 4218? Cheers.
  8. Here she is anyway, stock as a rock, 130000ks. Planing some small mods 18s or 19s, Apexi power intake, 3" Front pipe and high flow cat, wouldn't mind an exhaust but love how quiet these things are want the 3" performance and economy with minimal noise, basic turbo or highflow only because the stocker is squeeling on boost. That's it for now see how things go.
  9. They are using NSK bearings too, dont think thats OEM should be cheaper than Nissan? think ill grab the kit off ebay "seems" to all be Genuine Nissan, probably do it next weekend with a mate if Aus post rocks up, looks a lot easier than doing the SR20 chain too Funny i'm in love with the Stag, have a Heavily modded 180 in the garage pretty much built it nut and bolt had it a few years and probably driven it 4000ks rarely drive it, tempted to flick it and mod the Stag instead I must be getting old hahaha practicality with performance is more appealing these days. Cheers for the offers and advise boys
  10. Yeah its more time really, running a business now and just started a new one. Have been told its not too hard though, have rebuilt an SR20 before that's the play car and this is the toy car. This sound like a good deal bout $265 delivered Nissan Kit
  11. Hey guys looking at getting my timing belt changed gunna get a Nissan kit with waterpump idlers all that and just wondering if anyone can recommend a mechanic / workshop to do the work, Cheap / Reasonable. Been told its about a two hour job for a workshop? that sound right? At very low revs pretty much 800 to 1100RPM motor sounds a little noisy kinf of a feint knock around the front, pretty sure it hasn't had a belt done and its at 130000ks so assuming its this, don't think its a lifter Cheers Lee.
  12. Cheers for the offer Pipster will see how I go and yeah was thinking may as well throw a front pipe on, hmmmm had my first good look at it today, pulled intaek pipes off and that and checked pipes and clamps and may well be Turbo, reckon I have a noisy lifter too at idle the top is a little noisy, will have to drop the oil and see what happens, does idle perfect at 850 though and not miss a beat. Getting auto diff and transfer case serviced Monday just to be sure too
  13. Hey guys, just got myself a 99 S2 Stagea and i'm pretty sure the ex manifold to turbo gasket is gone, its stock as a rock and on full boost you hear a screech its not metalicy like a turbo but def sounds like an exhaust leak, performance doesn't seem effected it idles beautifully and if you don't hit full boost sounds good too, cant be fked doing it myself so wondering if anyone can recommend someone on Gold Coast or local area to do the work at a reasonable price? Cheers.
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