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  1. Question! Who has used a TurboSmart replacement BOV that fits in the OEM position? And if so has anyone actually noted a difference? There appears to be a suggestion the factory one may leak - but I don't know if that's true or not. I don't see how I can measure either - so the only way to find out is replace and see (which is an expensive experiment if it does nothing) And Turbosmart appear to offer two variants: https://turbosource.com/products/turbosmart-kompact-shortie-plumb-back-efr-bov-upgrade https://turbosource.com/products/turbosmart-kompact-shortie-dual-port-efr-bov-upgrade Any feedback ?
  2. Wow really? I don't think I would like a sump resting on, or chafing on, the subframe like that. Ironic that you would put a dry sump in for ultimate reliability in oil supply, and then let something like this through.
  3. And made a little more room for center scavenge.
  4. Had same issue - but did something about it.
  5. Well.... everyone’s being trying to stop transmission of late so...
  6. The 4.375? Nope - still got front and rears (the rear includes a full GT-R diff housing, but no diff).
  7. If nothing gets in my way (and plenty is trying to) I should have a result this weekend.
  8. Yeah have to say I had similar with my 8374 a few years ago and was also disappointed with little casting dags on my 8474... They could be better finished given they are the premiere models in Borg Warner’s line up..
  9. Good grief... you're right. Problem is that if you google "Matchbot" using Chrome in Australia, the first link takes you to this 'old' one. BW need to take that down.. would take 2 mins to do. I even have a response on FB messenger from them apologizing but they don't know when the new turbos would be up on matchbot (that was 12/12/19, so only 4 weeks ago.. ) If their own people don't know its up........... : /
  10. I agree - and on their "premiere" line of turbos, you'd think it would have been done almost on the day they were released.. Still - good to double check what I've gone and done...
  11. Matchbot now has the latest EFR range up (finally!) for anyone that is interested.
  12. I guess it all comes down to what you want out of it. I went from 0.92 IWG to 1.05 EWG on a 8374 - no other changes and while I gained a bit up top - I definitely noticed I lost some 'punch' out of slow corners. For Tarmac Rally Sprints and so on, this does hurt me a bit out of slow corners (of which there are many) - but I'm sure it would be a bit quicker at the drags. So great, quicker car on paper - slower time at the Sprints.... Everyone seems to get hung up on this and goes for the larger housing because "its less restrictive and makes more power".. and then in the same breath talk about area under the curve. I will say this though - if you're running a sequential - some of that thinking goes out the door since you can pretty much always guarantee the turbo will be in its sweet spot. But at that point you may as well look at a bigger turbo altogether too! Why bother with an 8474 when you can have a 9280 and just drop a cog?
  13. Lol - the 'real race car' scares me. And you can talk anyway....!
  14. Well I have been massively held up by suppliers - mine should have been ready 6 months ago - but its gone around in circles and frankly hasn't been a good experience. No point dwelling on that though. That said - things are FINALLY coming together and so I hope to have mine going sometime in early/mid Feb. There is still a bit to do. It will be 3.2L Nitto, 8474 / 1.05, Kelford 272 10.8mm/Beehives/Ti Retainers , Light head work with 1mm oversize valves, Dry Sump. (the old motor was 3.0L, 8374 / 1.05 (previously 0.92 IWG), HKS 264 10mm, 9L Wet sump with various breathing mods etc.) Don't expect more than 530-550kW at hubs at 25psi - but hoping for strong delivery from 3500 through to 7500rpm. May need a cam change to help - we will see. And I guess we are going to see what eMAP we get. I'm hopeful it will remain under 1.5:1 and I'll be happy with that. Please, could you all take moment to close your eyes and think happy thoughts for my Syncro PPG gearset.
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