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  1. ...have they finally got the 8474 up on matchbot have they?
  2. Sorry what I meant by saying "it can't be" (when referring to 1:1) was that that is really very good and not an indicator to me that the Turbine housing is a restriction. Sounds to me then like its probably pretty good to drive!
  3. Ah ok - so 1:1? (can't be...) Or 2:1 (unlikely, surely?) What makes you say that eMAP is showing a rectriction. If MAP=eMAP from 5k onwards, that's not really restrictive I would not have thought. If you're out of Injectors I'd and pushing 36psi I'd say you're on a low reading dyno at a guess....
  4. Which turbo and what rear housing are you using - on what size engine etc? And what emap/map are you seeing roughly?
  5. I’m surprised that speedo still worked after you had it - seeing as it only goes to 180km/hr Damo! 😉 needle wasn’t bent?
  6. Well done mate - that must be a relief. Smoke machine eh - how did you hook that up..?
  7. And if you are operating at that point on the MAP that Lith shows - its not very efficient at that point of the map - so are your intake temps getting very hot? If they aren't this might indicate you're not actually at that turbo speed and perhaps you are reading it wrong. If they are, then I guess that backs up that you are working the turbo hard and there is likely a leak.
  8. What capacity engine is it mate? 2.6/2.8/3.0?
  9. I like that he appears in the reflection to be enjoying a relaxing cigarette after sex.
  10. Thanks! Its does recover pretty quickly. It tapers up to a 4" Dump pipe off the back of the turbo. Then at around where the cat would be it tapers down to a 3.5" Titanium the rest of the way - with two straight through Ti mufflers. There is a single 50mm Turbosmart gate to atmosphere off a divided 6 boost manifold. (single wastegate port though) Standard BW BOV in compressor cover being used.
  11. Does it nose over after 7000rpm at all? Yeah it does begin falling off at 7000 - but not sharply - I'll sometimes rev a bit past 7500 if I need to hold a gear. Typically I find myself changing at around 6800-7000 not for any other reason than it just feels right. For those interested here is exhaust pressure vs boost. Generally seeing around 1.3:1.. Crossover where exhaust begins exceeding boost is around 6200-6300. (this is the 1.05A/R) I am hoping that the 8474 being more efficient at higher boost levels will mean lower shaft speed required, less drive to the turbine and therefore exhaust pressure will still stay reasonable for the power goals I am after. (while maintaining good low down boost threshold)
  12. You can see on this Dyno sheet how we are bring on boost gradually. (for those wondering why its not snapping to full boost immediately)
  13. I've just been playing with video and Motec Logging to overlay some gauges onto my videos. Now the hard work is done, should be easy to add this for future videos. So here is my 8374 on 3.0L at a recent event. Running around 23psi. (260kpa) Will be good to get the 8474 on for comparo in some weeks - will definitively do a back to back test. (I should add that we do have boost by rpm - so we are not trying to make full boost at 3500rpm, hence you'll see a more gradual rise in boost with revs)
  14. I didn't read it that way.. I read it as they made the same boost as the 9180 without requiring to go to 116,000rpm. Also - why do you think 1.5:1 is 'too much' backpressure? For a Circuit car knocking out near 900hp at the wheels and coming on down as low as it is - I would have thought that would be ok? Maybe not for a drag car - but that's not really why you buy a twinscroll...
  15. I wanted to 'surprise you'.. and now because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.. I've gone and ruined everything. .......................You know about the Samsonas though yeah? PS.. I can't believe you called me a mole...
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