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  1. I am after a Manual R33 ABS Diff and shafts to suit. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  2. H-Tek Ultimate Flock Coating Address: 2/12 Owen Road, Kelmscott WA 6111 Phone: (08)9399 6863
  3. http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/20500.asp Somewhere in there is a list of engineers you can use. Just don't make your car look very nice and you wont have trouble.
  4. I recently did my own with same method Hank Scorpia used with the help of a heat gun as my paint is in good condition. No cracked paint and clears my fat tyres. Dez did a great job on my rear guards, but i do wish he could pull the guards out a bit more.
  5. Check at the Ecu for pin 53 which is the speedo wire, test continuity to ground and work from there. I had something similar to this when my RSM was hooked up and overtime the join started to short to ground when cornering.
  6. Silver R33 and white rims on high rd turning on to nicholson rd. Chick driving but looks like Marks car?
  7. Any one know where to get timeserts locally?
  8. Isnt that traffic light at kalamunda rd 80kph?
  9. Mmmm, so should stay away from project kics spacers?
  10. no really after anything in particular at the moment. but its good to know if there are sales.
  11. how often do you guys hold these sort of events/specials?
  12. Will be there too. Nice and close.
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