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  1. Hey man 
    when were you next thinking of doing a group buy again?
    I'm looking into a DMAX rear wing and roof wing for and r32 gtst as well as a front GTR style grille.



  2. Magicmikez32; they have cooling panel and mirror covers only specific for z32. what kind of universal parts are you after? there are hood vents, canards, lower apron/winglets/splitters or however you want to call it, wheel arch flares, shark fin antenna for the roof
  3. Hello fellow SAU members, I am in process of organising a group buy for another car group (I've moved onto Subaru life) and was wondering if anyone is after any carbon fibre or fibreglass bits and pieces for their cars? the standard S, R series Nissan's, Evo's, WRX's, RX7, Honda, VW Golf GTI/Golf R, Audi, BMW some korean cars etc. I will be doing only small bits due to shipping restrictions by air so that means no front lips/diffusers, body kits, side skirts or large wings (boot lip wings are fine) Some parts that I can get include canards, engine covers, coil pack covers, cooling panels, rear pods/aprons, roof wings, boot lip wings, grills, interior trims, shifter surround, wheel arch flares (not whole fender flares), exhaust shrouds and more. If there is anything in particular you're after just post below and I will check if the supplier has them and get a price with shipping to me in Sydney. Typical turn around 6-8 weeks for production and shipping. However there could be delays especially with shipping and customs which are out of my control so bear this in mind. start date: 17/7/18 end date: 25/7/18 thanks!
  4. ^ exactly what I did, Wheels found & no longer required, thanks
  5. WTB: 18x8.5 +35 Lenso Spec E wheels 5x114.3 Pair silver preferred but will settle with black and in good condition with minimal to no rash. thanks
  6. I have a left over R33 GTR full length Cooling panel from my group buy, part is brand new. Does not fit S3 perfectly with Xenons but does require some trimming (see pic in the thread) $260 + postage or pick up Sydney. Courier price range from $20-$40 depending on your location. pics can be found in the groupbuy thread;
  7. update, 2 out of 4 deliveries have arrived, PM's coming soon.
  8. Update; shipment is due for delivery late next week!
  9. Hi all, apologies but i have received an update and there is some backlog on some parts so there is a delay. I have asked for split shipment of whatever is available first and they will confirm on Monday what parts will be available to ship first. I will update again after next Monday.
  10. thanks for all those interested, PM's coming shortly.
  11. seems like everyone's who missed out before and shown interest, have gone quiet 10 days to go!
  12. cul8er; pick up is only in sydney. no front lips, wing end caps with the GTR logo are available. $110
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