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  1. Yeah, I would love to see that article if you could find it
  2. Pretty much as the title says. My answer is a definate yes!
  3. OC

    Soon to own a Stag...

    God I thought we were over this??!! :chairshot BTW dude, ur a real comedian
  4. Anybody know about the dash? I would be very interested in doing this to my Stag Cheers OC
  5. I might know someone who is interested, I'll get back to you.
  6. So can anyone give us a complete price or even just a rough estimate?
  7. Are you planning to take it over the quarter soon? Anyways, would it be worth spending all that money to get the RB26 and put it in or would it be more viable, getting a manual conversion and then spending the rest on building up the RB25?
  8. StageZilla, A few questions, does your Stag have a bodykit? Was the whole conversion process worthit? If you dont mind me asking, how much was it all up? Cheers OC
  9. I was about to suggest a Stag but it looks like we r on a budget. Well my suggestion would be a 1997 Pajero, good towing load without the need for electric brakes. Are you looking at haymens reece towing systems?
  10. Yea ok. So does this forum actually ban people? I can understand your frustration though..
  11. Oh ok, I thought it was just me. Thanks for clearing that up.
  12. whats so bad about playing with it on?
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