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  1. Hey Guys, Sorry to dig this topic up, i priced from Nissan, a new fuel sender is $250 if anyone is interested. Also after a month of it not working my fuel gauge has started working again so im not going to bother. Ash.
  2. Hi Guys, There seems to be mixed opinions as to whether this works on a R34 GT-T Can someone please confirm once and for all? Thanks, Ash.
  3. Someone should make a "how to" showing how to fix this =) Ash.
  4. Hi, My R34 is doing this too. Sometimes it reads 100% full, and then other times 100% empty with the light on. Occasionally it reads the correct amount or somewhere within aprox 1/4 of a tank of what I guess it has. As I only had the car complianced last week I’m not sure if this problem will go away or not. I’m thinking this happened because the car was very very low for a long time, then for the first time I over filled the car (it clicks every 2 seconds like my old skyline) so I didn't realise until I could see the petrol... Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Would it be under my warranty? Thanks, Ash.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your Help. You're Right, I opened up the carpet and there were 4 10mm nuts. I undid those and the entire light assembly came out. From there it was really easy to change the globes. I took a quick photo with my phone (sorry for quality) for anyone who wants to know in the future. I also found an old Jap razor blade in there. Ash.
  6. Hi Guys, The Inside left (Red part, not indicator) light is out. How do i change it? I removed the carpet stuff in the boot and it didn't look at all like my R33 did. It looks like i need to take the whole tail light part out? Also, what type of globe do I use? I was just going to take it out and show the guy at the local servo and see if he could get me a new one (I know it’s a standard type, just not the name). If you have pictures too that would be awesome! Thanks in advance, Ash.
  7. Slim u coming??? as for washing the car... i ran it through a carwash a few weeks ago. does that count? Cya in an Hr. Ash.
  8. oooo... if it is im in for sure , later than 4 i may have to leave early :'(
  9. Whats the ETA of getting back to syd/Thornleigh? i have some late afternoon comitments i cant miss...
  10. i have the same front bar, i can get on easy, its the back that bottoms out for me By the way! Count me in!
  11. A but if i was in a shitty mood C just to piss them off. Ash.
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