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  1. BUMP. Metalzone also sold, but I am also selling some other pedals. Both TC Electronics and AS NEW (barely used): Corona Chorus - $110 inc shipping. Vortex Flanger - $110 inc shipping.
  2. Yeah twas me. And yep, looks/looked like the red one in the first reply. Was stolen from Spence.
  3. Hey Guys and gals, I'm selling two (barely used) guitar pedals. Both sound great but I simply don't use them enough in my playing style. One is a TC Electronic Corona Chorus, the other is a TC Electronic Vortex Flanger. Both are as new, with all packaging and flyers. They are both true bypass (meaning they don't suck tone while they're turned off) and each also comes with a USB cable (explained next in the paragraph). You can connect both these pedals to your PC and install customised 'Toneprints' (and you can change a toneprint and your own settings any time you like). There are Toneprints from big name artists like John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Steve Morse (Deep Purple) and Munky (Korn), amongst many others. From the shops, these pedals go for about $200 each. I'm looking for $120 ONO each (which includes delivery within Australia). If you are local to Canberra, I'm happy to let you try the pedals out. Best ringing or sending me an SMS if interested, I don't log into here much (sold the beast! ) 0404 896 713. Thanks for looking
  4. Hey guys, please keep look out for a red Holden Barina 2005 with plate YHA09T. It was stolen from a friend's Spence house last night. It's stock, nothing exciting - but the #(%#tards broke into her other car at the same house just a few nights prior, so this really #%#@% her up the wall. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Gimme a buzz or PM if you hear/see/smell anything.
  5. Tuner and titanium block are both sold. Metalzone, saddles and Tremol-no still up for grabs.
  6. Selling some spare guitar parts as I no longer need them: 1) Boss MT2 Metalzone, modified by Von Lehmann Engineering, it blows the stock version out of the water. In excellent condition, works perfectly. $80 delivered. 2) Boss TU2 Tuner (standard). In perfect working order, a few small scuffs from use. $80 delivered. 3) Floydupgrades Titanium Sustain Block for Floyd Rose (32mm version). Brand new, never installed. Adds definition and sustain to any Floyd Rose equipped guitar. Selling it as I've long since sold the guitar that I intended to put it in. $100 delivered. 4) Graphtech Floyd Rose String Saver saddles (CHROME. Product#: PG-0080-C6). Brand new. As above, sold the guitar I was going to use these on. $60 delivered. 5) Tremol-No (Pin-type with "Deep-C" part# BP-2005-010). Lets you set your Floyd Rose equipped guitar to the following 'modes' with a turn of a knob: 1) full floating (normal), 2) dive only (like a strat) 3) hard tail (like a Les Paul). Same deal as above, I sold the guitar before I ever installed this. $50 delivered. PM/SMS/ring me if interested - 0404 896 713. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hey guys & gals, I'm selling one of my guitars: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/388923-fs-ltd-electric-guitar-ec-1000-stbc-in-esp-hard-case-800-act/ Also - if anyone is interested, I teach guitar. Everything from beginners to 'shred'. Many styles of music, and I tailor things based on what you want to learn (theory/technique/improv etc). Send me a PM/mail if you or someone you know is keen.
  8. Hey guys, Selling a few items to boost my home deposit. I have a few guitars and don't play this guitar much as the others. hence selling it. It's an LTD Deluxe EC-1000 STBC in a genuine ESP hard case, which fits it perfectly. I'm meticulous with my gear and this has only been played in the bedroom (even has the plastic on the rear facing covers). I installed Schaller straplocks on it, otherwise it's stock as per the ESP site. This is an '05 model, so it has Sperzel locking tuners which are better than the ESP tuners they use on current models. Photos of the actual guitar: Please remember that even the slightest speck of dust shows up on high res photos. I can take extra photos if you want to confirm anything. The only sign of use on the guitar is that the finish on the saddles of the bridge has rubbed off a bit from restringing. The hard case has a small tear in the leather - it is purely cosmetic (near the "ESP" symbol in the photo). Features: * set-neck construction * 24.75" scale * 3-piece mahogany neck * rosewood fingerboard * abalone flag inlays w/model name at 12th fret * EMG 81/60 active pickups * 2 volume and 1 tone control w/3-way toggle * black hardware * See-thru Black Cherry Finish * Sperzel locking tuners * Earvana compensated nut * TonePros locking bridge w/stop tailpiece * white w/abalone binding on body neck and headstock * 24 XJ frets * Schaller strap locks added by me. It plays beautifully, very fast neck. If you are Canberra based, feel free to come try it out. I also teach guitar if you want to learn to use it I'm looking for $800, which includes free delivery in the ACT or nearby. If you are outside the ACT, I'm happy to negotiate on a price which includes delivery, depending your location and shipping method. Cheers.
  9. sl33py


  10. This guitar has been sold. I can't be a55ed figuring out how to change the title to reflect the fact. Thanks
  11. Hey guys and girls, I've gotta sell one of my electric guitars to make way for other financial commitments. I suspected this might happen in advance, therefore it's had very little play (to keep it in mint condition). It's a Caparison Angelus, all I've done is chuck some slightly heavier gauge strings on (11.5 16 26 36 46 60). The strings they put on it when they ship are ridiculously light for something meant to tune to B standard. (It holds any tuning just fine if you use the appropriate strings). It comes in the standard Caparison hard case. I'm in the ACT but would be willing to ship within Australia. Obviously a local sale would be preferable. If I have to ship it, I'll slack the strings off, and I still have the double box used to ship it to me from Japan originally, so it'll be packed insanely well. I'm looking for $1500 Or Near Offer (which will include shipping within AU). I paid $2200 for it from a shop a coupla months ago, so bare this in mind if you like to 'haggle'. These are the same guitars used by the Swedish metal band Soilwork (my heroes!). It's the same kind of model that Peter Wichers uses on the "Young Guitar" demonstrations (you can find this on youtube). All he did was chuck an EMG81 in it (but the stock pickups sound insanely beefy to me). I will be sorry to see this go Here are the specs: Body Material: Mahogany Back w/ Arched Maple Top Neck Material: Hard Maple Fretboard: Ebony Neck Joint: Set Neck Scale Length: 24.75" No. Frets: 24 Headstock: Angelus Headstock Angle: 15° Machine Heads: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P. Bridge: Gotoh GE103 B-T, Gotoh GE101 Z-T Tailpiece Nut: Graph Tech Trem Nut Hardware Color: Schaller-Black, Gotoh-Cosmo Black Pickups: Neck - Caparison PH-F Bridge - Caparison PH-R Controls" Neck Pickup Volume(CTS), Bridge Pickup Volume(CTS), 3 Way Lever Switch Case: Hard Case Included Welcome anyone who wants to come and try it out. Here are some pics: Feel free to ask any questions: you are MUCH better ringing, rather than sending a PM: 0404 896 713. Ben.
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