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  1. paulr33

    scar non
  2. paulr33

    4g63 with close ratio
  3. paulr33

    anyone have a good rip of us marshals?
  4. hi, you would need to ask fc datalogit people to update their version of FC EDIt. I think you have the newly released RB25 Djetro which is not supported by FC Edit and the datalogit guys probably dont know about it yet
  5. paulr33

  6. the lowest psi you can run is the gate spring, on the RB25 manual tuborcharger from memory it is 7psi, on the auto RB25 turbocharger it is 5psi from memory. if you want lower boos than this, then you can simply wire the wastegate flap open and youll probably get 1 or 2psi if you are lucky at full load ECR33 manual is 385mmhg which is 7.4446 psi ECR33 auto is 270mmhg which is 5.220 psi
  7. paulr33

    you talk better than you fool
  8. paulr33

    so much want for HKS 7460 GTII
  9. paulr33

    need more boost?
  10. paulr33

    scar non
  11. paulr33

    8,000kms since purchase....
  12. paulr33

    I find the final inspection products priced pretty well
  13. paulr33

    24psi is oodles of fun
  14. paulr33

    if its an evo, techsport are really good