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  1. wantsanr32

    happened again yesterday....i wasnt there though....... cops have been notified, they got his plates as well.......
  2. wantsanr32

    to the fool who lives in beacon st in glen waverley if you are on here stop doing burnouts in the carpark of the special school.......there are kids with cerebral palsy that go there.....you wanna hit a kid who can hardly walk? let alone get out the way of you car?
  3. wantsanr32

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if a car is bought in ACT that comes with a green slip, is that valid here as a RWC? or does a rwc have to be done in vic either way? thanks.
  4. wantsanr32

    you negotiable on price?
  5. im sure it has been covered, but i couldnt find any posts when i tried searching. Could you guys give me a rough estimate on converting an auto r32 gts-t into a manual?
  6. wantsanr32

    Hey guys, stereo has been removed and factory original 6 stacker system has been re-installed. Will consider any offer over 27k!!!!
  7. wantsanr32

    \No thanks mate. Need the cash. Also Car has just been serviced at 70,000kms......
  8. wantsanr32

    hey guys, rego has just been paid, so car comes with full years registration.
  9. wantsanr32

    sorry mate not interested in a r33......or a NA vehicle at all really......
  10. i take it your not interested in a s15 swap?
  11. wantsanr32

    Hey guys, Keen to sell, will sell car with standard spec r stereo system for 28k. Make me an offer. Thanks. Anthony.