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  1. En_One

    Advice? R33 GTR

    I am selling a modified r33 vspec gtr, the only thing u need is respraying the car, Im selling it for 49.000$ ono and it loaded with around 30.000$ worth of extras. lol PM me for more details.
  2. Ok, just give me a call or if u want to come now, I'll be home the whole day. Peter
  3. Yes, they have been cleaned and tested before. I was planning to use them on my car, just don't have time to install them. Now I'm selling my car, so I don't need them anymore.
  4. FOR SALE: A set of injectors upgrade (x6) for GTR, will fit into any GTR engine and maybe GTST with abit mods. Flow 550cc /mins. Asking price is 280$. Turbosmart BOV type 3 Supersonic. With flange to fit into GTS-T. Asking price is 220$. Just give me a call on 0415210220 or email to [email protected]
  5. FOR SALE: A set of 6 upgraded injectors, will fit GTR. Im selling my GTR therefore I don't need them anymore. Flow is 550cc. In very good condition. Asking price: 350$ ono. Turbosmart Blow Off Valve. Supersonic type 3. Very loud, in very good condition. Asking price: 250$ ono. Standard Subaru WRX wing from 97 model (low style wing). In very good condition, with braking light. Silver colour. Asking price: 100$ ono. R33 Skyline GTR Vspec. 25k worth of mods, won't embarass you on the street. 288 kw on 1.3 bar boost. Has AVO intercooler, tein suspensions, semi slick bridgestone with TE37 17" wheels, 4wd/2wd converter, 4ws/normal converter, single plate exeddy clutch, AVCR, oil and water temp, oil and boost pressure, and voltmeter gauges, Greddy gearknob and oil cap, oil cooler, hks pistons, apexi rev meter, etc etc. Asking price: 52.000$ negotiable. Canon BJC5100 for sale, print up to A3 size. Asking price 150$ ono. Call to 0415210220 or email to [email protected]
  6. Yes, they are still for sale, and I can't go lower than 2100$
  7. That's ok, just sent me PM with your friend's contact number
  8. I am serious, can I have a look tomorrow or on Sunday?
  9. WTB: GTR Cooler, will pay good market price. Email to [email protected]
  10. Below is the pic of the gauges. I don't have original pictures, but i guarantee you that there is no scratch of mark on them (almost 99% new condition) both the recaro seats and the gauges.
  11. Yes they will come with the sensors but please I cannot separate the items. Interested ? heheheh
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