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  1. I should be there representing the Supra's Ill link this thread on the Supraforums site too edit: 2 late N1gtr beat me to it...lol
  2. Guys Im a member of the nsw supra club and just wanted to clear something up. I didnt attend that particular cruise but I know it was organised by the nsw supra club,the reason you probably werent welcome was because they firstly didnt know and if you act like a dick on the road you would have given the club a bad rap with the cops. The club has rules about how members act while on an official club cruise so any bad behavior would reflect on the club and leave us prone to more attention fom the police. Yeah its true some bag skylines on the forums but 99% of the time its just in jest.You guys are afterall on the darkside but I do hate gtst's with GTR badges on them (unless they have rb26's) To the member who was rude to you,Im sure was only speaking for their own opinion because most of us dont care who cruises with us as long as they don't carry on like idiots.Some members attended a cruise with the silvia club and some of them started drifting and doing burnouts in a carpark in a residential area,this is what we dont want. Cheers Sam
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 X 114.3 18 X 8 (+ 35) 18 X 9 (+ 38) These are forged and very lightweight.They have been rubbed back and primered and are ready for painting.They come with original AVS centre caps. $2300 Must be sold this week or Im keeping them.These are $1100 per rim brand new! The first pic is the actual rim,the others are examples of what they look like in different colours. I can also have these painted for you in the colour of your choice at your expense. They will fit Supra,skylines,silvias/200sx,RX7's etc.... Thanks Sam (located in sydney)
  4. where u there too,if so which one was yours?
  5. sounds like a plan,I will let the club guys know and see when we can get it happening
  6. oporto's at manly beach then through some twisties on the way to back to thornleigh macca's. It would be good to organise a supra/skyline cruise one day since u guys are the nemisis
  7. yeah its a beast. where did u guys head to? I have never seen so many GTR's on the road at the same time,it was an awesome sight. Loved the R34
  8. Spotted about 6+ skylines near manly late last night,so which guys from here was it? We were in the Supras. Whoever it was that told us about the cops behind us,thanks
  9. Bump! and thanks for the good comments
  10. price is negotiable or isnt anyone interested
  11. Best time was a 12.5 with lots of wheel spin on 19" street tyres(pictured) and best mph was 123 so the car should be good for a high 10 or very low 11's with sticky street rubber
  12. I have received emails asking if my car is an Rz or Rzs.Its definataley an Rz. It has the factory big brakes(4pot front,2pot rear) and the recaros were factory fitted.It currently has 87,000kms as is usually only driven weekends Thanks
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