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  1. Hey, I run http://xenonexpert.com/index.html hid's on my motorbike. Used them for prolly 3 years now. No dramas whatsoever. Would have to check their website if they have style your after.
  2. Work Termist S1C they were the only set I ever saw..
  3. Here's my blast from the past
  4. Hey mate, just enquiring about this car. I don't suppose you still have this since it was 12 months ago from the last post? I actually use to own here car here in sydney and did most of the work to it actually. I'd love to buy it back! hehe To see some photos of how it use to look check my member gallery GTR032. If you have any info on new owners please let me know. cheers Jono
  5. Another vote for Mark at MRC, he did some great work to my GTR when I had it. Top bloke as well.
  6. GTR032

    Gibson Gt-r

    I was lucky enough to be at bathurst for the 1992 Great race, i was 11 My old lady taped it for me on VHS, which I still have it to this day..but the sound doesn't work any, more ive watched it too much haha
  7. Dammm! Been four long years since our trip there...definitely an awesome year to go, gav's gonna love it..havent heard from him yet. Jono
  8. I unfortunately don't think i'll be making the ride day on the 19th.. Had my first bike accident on monday night. Was riding home from my gf's parents place about 9:30, she was in front in her car. Coming down towards the bottom of cattai ridge rd in glenorie if anybody knows it, Pitch fkn black at night time, windey, very narrow and no street lights... well there was 2 HUGE black cows walking on the side of the road! She broke pretty hard but by the time i came up to them they were walking towards the middle of the road & saw them last second. Hit front brake tried to hook it right, front wheel lost traction and lowsided. My knee, helmet, and forearm bit the tarmac..Bike went sliding down the road about 20m or so. My gf in front turned around and was pretty hysterical, worse than me haha. There's a few properties near where this happened so just trying to find out who owns these fkn cows and tell them what happened! Ah well, bike will be fixed and i'll be right as rain soon. Every bike rider knows this will happen one day, im just glad it wasnt any worse. My jacket, gloves and helmet are scratched up and ripped my right knee outta my jeans..theres a 2m long mark on the road from my jeans, little bits of denim stuck in the tar haha. Bike is in at Hawkesbury Honda getting quoted up for the repairs.. Jono Pics
  9. Woo hoo!! I hope u didn't change just on my behalf
  10. Yeh i booked my eastern creek track day for the 20th!! Shit shit shit the ride day is the 20th dammm
  11. Hey, As a present to my old man I want to get a few photos taken of his pride n joy while he's overseas in february. Unfortunately it's not a Skyline but a Monaro CV8Z..he's had it almost 2 years and it doesn't even have 1500km's on it yet. Totally immaculate to say the least (for a Holden anyway haha). He loves it a whole lot but never has time to get out in it so thought it'd be a great idea to get some pics done to be blown up and framed etc. Im in the Hills district and looking for anyone who wants to volunteer a few hours on a weekend or afternoon to help me out. Im most willing to pay for your time and what not. Email or post back on here if anyones interested or could recommend some decent locations.. [email protected] Cheers Jono PS this is the same as my old mans...
  12. Im down for wherever, ive never really ridden down south much. So a nasho run is new to me. I did the putty rd to halfway house on NYE morning, was a great ride, hardly anyone out. But better news, my girlfriend got me an eastern creek ride day for xmas!!! isn't she the best haha. Can't wait to go and do it..booking in for 20th Jan I think. Picking up new rear tyre this weekend, ordered a Metzeler M3. Anyone have a stories good or bad with them??
  13. yeah man sounds good! Where do we wanna go??
  14. Spotted 'OSAKA' 32GTR on pacific highway yesterday afternoon, around crows nest..
  15. I'd be looking for a VTR250 i bought a 1999 11000km red one in may last year when I got my L's..great little bike to learn on! Very easy to ride and ultra reliable. I got off my P's in october this year but probably quite stupidly more I tink about it I bought a brand new CBR600RR in March this year, so yeh only a few months after getting my P's. I was lucky enough to not get any fines or being pulled over or even in an accident (since no insurance). I am definitely not recommending anyone jump the gun and get a bigger bike while still on restricted licence, but each to their own.. JG
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