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  1. This time without breaking forum rules ( my apologies ) I am selling my r34 gtt skyline due to needing a deposit for a house. Please see my profile for pictures. It has rb30 bottom end with r34 neo head. Bottem end specs - crank treated grub screwed and oil collar fitted, argo race rods, mahle skirtless pistons 40 though oversized, acl race series big ends and mains, arp head and main studs, rb25 oil pump, repositioned second timing belt tensioner. cometic mls head gasket. Head full service and tomei type b cams, vvti retained. bolt ons - plazmaman plenum and plazmaman throttle body, extreme turbo manifolds 100 series exhauste manifold double black ceramic coated, tial 44mm wastegate, garrett to4z turbo rear housing ceramic coated, sard rising rate fuel reg, sard 800cc injectors, 2 bosch 044 fuel pumps feeding twin entry fuel rail, custom surge tank, oil cooler kit with thermostate block. large front mount intercooler, turbosmart blowoff valve, npc race clutch, greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller, custom alloy airbox with large k&n air filter. Engine bay got resprayed when engine was out getting built. car has lenzo s7 wheels 19 inch with good tread on tyres, also has nismo adjustable rear wing stays. Has adjustable camber and castor arms and fitted with dba 4000 front rotors This car goes extremely well, huge power and responce with a lot of rb30 torque. all is managed by an autronic sm4 computer system. ANY REALISTIC OFFER CONSIDERED FOR QUICK SALE my asking price is very low as i really need to sell this car but also reflects the minor faults i have found with the car and these are, a few minor scratches on the vehicle, the clear coat has a couple of small patches that have lifted on the rear wing ( just needs re-clearing ) there are wear marks in the carpet on the drivers side from my foot rubbing through when i didnt have floor mats fitted. the low price reflects these faults and are all easily fixed. car made over 350rwkw last time on the dyno but stopped tuning there only due to the engine still running in it has now done 4500km since built and is ready to be opened right up will easily make over 400kw with the current setup. car is located in perth but will happily put it on a car transporter wich winning bidder would organise. has current nsw rego untill june 2011 but will also transfer it to WA for a local buyer. asking $15000 please p.m any enquiries
  2. Hi everyone I just listed my r34 on ebay, it is an honest sale and i need this car gone so please check it out if your looking for one there are additional pics of the car in my profile Thanks.
  3. fat r34

    R34 Gtt

    Thanks but i should have mentioned i need standard front seats.
  4. fat r34

    R34 Gtt

    hi all, I need both front seats for r34 gtt prefer from perth but will be happy to pay freight if the price of the seats is not to high. also need manual guage cluster. Thanks
  5. Thanks heaps, they are 2 workshops i havent spoke to yet.
  6. Hi mate you could try plazmaman last i heard about 8 - 10 months ago they were working on a single throttle plenum for rb26 and they make top quality stuff.
  7. Hi guys, After hours of searching and coming up with nothing i am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of someone that can tune autronic sm4 in WA. I need someone who really knows their stuff so please share good or bad experiences so i know who to go to or stay away from. Thanks.
  8. still have this gate colllecting dust 100bux plus postage
  9. fat r34

    R34 Gtt

    Hi all i need all the boot trims including boot carpet, interior carpet, and front and rear standard seats. please reply via p.m Cheers
  10. great looking car mate. Good luck with the sale.
  11. I have a synapse synchronic 50mm wastegate for sale, is still fitted to vehicle so no pics as yet. it is as new i have only had it fitted to the car for a short while less than 500km's. it is no longer needed as i am going to a custom manifold/wastegate setup. It is a vband wastegate and has both springs already fitted in it. here is a write up i got from an add on ebay new list price is anywhere between $350 - $400 US dollars. Synchronic Wastegate is a fundamentally different approach to wastegating. A line of modular wastegates is in development that will be the first to eliminate the use of a diaphragm. Since there will be no diaphragm/membrane, it will be more responsive to changes in boost pressure. It will also be the first pneumatically actuated wastegate that will have built in boost pressure adjustment at the actuator level without bleeding of pressure, which will produce mathematically rock solid boost levels. Another first will be the ability for the serious tuner to use different combinations of valve size and spring rates in order to match to the specific engine’s performance profile. *Investment-cast stainless steel 304 for exhaust valve housing *Al 6061 T6 for actuator housing *High temp engineered axial contact polymer seals *Self-lubricating Carbon Kevlar valve seal *Patent 6,863,260 *Interchangeable valve sizes and seats *Upgradeable wastegate with interchangeable actuator bodies *Miniature actuator for tight installations *First wastegate with built in boost control *On-board anti-lag functionality *Precision valve actuation using Synchronic actuator geometry *Self-Centering Piston actuator *No valve guide *Minimum of 8 different boost settings built into each Synchronic wastegate *Adjustable spring pre-load *Variable and tunable spring rates at the same boost level *First wastegate with a valve that can spin Note: Wastegate does not include flange and mounting hardware.
  12. I have for sale a as new greddy multi switching system was wired into the car but then never used to control anything as the autronic sm4 did every thing i needed. copied from nengun for description GReddy Multi Switching System (MSS) is a two-channel programmable general output controller. The MSS is cockpit-mounted and wires into a vehicle ECU harness and/or optional GReddy sensors and the electronic devices you want to control. The MSS can control up to 2 separate electronic devices with the capability of turning on and off nitrous, solenoids, I/C-sprayers, warning lamps and many other electronic devices. Each channel can be programmed to activate through one, two or three parameters such as RPM, speed, temperature, boost or any other analog signal. With GReddy optional MSS Relay Kit, you can activate fuel pumps, electric fans and other higher drawing items. The multi color display can also monitor the inputted signals for peak-hold and warning values. asking $150 posted to your door.
  13. my sincerest appologies.... offers over 10k
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