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  1. Which body style? And I would try Brakes Direct in QLD. If you are looking for the 330mm front discs, they have them. DBA Aus will be a bit vague as they are basically an Infiniti size, and hence US market.
  2. Can you give more info on "installing a stereo system", just so we can understand what has been changed.
  3. Okay... I'll bite.... Why is it in English......
  4. nickcorr

    Yes indeedey... Was a very common thing when I got the car due to very very limited selection of 225/50 18 tyre choices...
  5. nickcorr

    245/45 fit fine, no errors with lights or tyre scrubbing.. All just works as it should. Nitto Motivos, but will most likely change to Nitto Invo soon...
  6. nickcorr

    Looks like you have a coupe rather than a sedan, so that makes a difference.. (My sedan was waiting 3 months for a new bumper from Japan, and the panel beater said that was very common..) With the Coupe being sold in AUS as an Infiniti, have you contacted them as well? There might be something G37 that is suitable.
  7. nickcorr

    S and SP have the same tyre sizes as they are both on 18's. The P runs 17's with 225/55 all round. That weird 225/50 is why so many of us, me included, run 245/45 all round.. So what you really want is a set of 370Z 19's with the matching brakes.... That will give you some definite stagger... 245/40/19 9" wide 275/35/19 10" wide...
  8. nickcorr

    Stock is staggered.... 225/50/18 front 7.5" wide wheel 245/45/18 rear 8.5" wide wheel
  9. nickcorr

    I think it might be the 2010+ that would be series 3... 2010+ is what was sold here in AUS as a G37/Q60 coupe/convertible. Paddles are on the S and SP but not the P.
  10. nickcorr

    KV36 is the sedan from 09 MY so has 3.7 and 7 speed auto vs. 3.5 and 5 speed of the PV36. 09 has some minor interior changes, better door handles but basically the same as the PV36. From 2010 MY there is a facelift so different lights and panels. Interior significant changes to switchgear and audio system screen and brain is completely different. No manual Nissan Skyline sedans, but there were manual Infiniti G35 and G37 sedans for North America.
  11. nickcorr

    NIce!! Though a unit into the RCAs?
  12. nickcorr

    DBA said the same thing to me when I asked about the 330mm brakes for my V36... Luckily Brakes Direct had been hassling them for years about that size, and made DBA aware that they were an Infiniti part too... This added the US to the potential markets and it all made financial sense for DBA. That said, I ordered them in January (on a promise that they would eventually be made) and received them in August... I think that the issue is DBA retail, do not know that DBA future planning or R&D are actually working on... Only what is available now...
  13. nickcorr

    Did you look here? Page for J50 Skyline Crossover
  14. nickcorr

    V35 this would fit, with the usual Metra surround and replacement HVAC controls, but in the V36 it is a lot harder. There is a Metra kit for the G37, however I believe it is G37 specific, so does not work with V36, and is also for non nav G37, and non-nav is pretty rare for V36s... This kit... If it was straightforward, I reckon I would have done it about 3 years ago.. But then again, I have a Bose and so bet it is even harder....
  15. The V35 brakes are completely different... The 3.5 and early 3.7 V36 sedan has a weird sized huge (330mm) single piston brakes that were not used on many other Nissan's. From MY 2010 they were replaced with a slightly smaller (320mm) and thinner disc, with dual piston calipers. These smaller brakes are much more common. Really no point trying to economise on the brakes when they are so important, and not even really that expensive for the slightly upgraded parts. These are the brakes you are looking for....