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  1. Pretty certain that when I changed my M35 ARX brakes they were same as X-Trail front and rear... Went with DBA T3s I think..
  2. You are answering all the questions I have had with the Fuga!!! Same thing, I love my Crown Majesta, but I miss a Nissan and want something that will be as quick, use less fuel taking the kids to school and handle better... Did you consider a Q70 Hybrid at all? And yes so sad that they did not make the V8 available on the RHD Fuga/Q70... This post is increasing the likelihood of a Nissan replacing the Toyota in the garage... 🙂
  3. Try the Stagea M35 section mate. The M35s are a nightmare to bleed. There was even a bleeding kit created by Scotty, that was using an addiitonal bleed point in the valley, as used by the VQ40 in the Pathy. It does take hours to do it properly.. I know this from when i had the rad in my M35 replaced.
  4. Got any older phones to test with? Was using my V36 with a S9+ and had no problems.
  5. Yes pretty much you are looking for * in the bluetooth pairing on your phone.. I have also attached the instructions for the V36 audio that I think you were looking for. v36-translation2.pdf
  6. Would this be the normal Nissan one? So same as like in a X-TRAIL or Qashqai?
  7. Have been driving around for a couple of years now in a 206 Crown Majesta, wanted the V8, but missing the Nissan life... Would love an Infiniti Q70 5.6, if only they existed from Japan, so looking like the Hybrid is the way to go without the backwards step to the 3.7 again. Loved my V36, but the kids are getting bigger, so the Fuga/Q70 looks like a logical choice to me..
  8. Order the proper off set ones from Nissan, but get some new refills from SCA to tide you over... Found some close ones at Autobarn when I had my Skyline, and threw away the old ones, before I realised that the new ones were a close fit, not an exact fit, and did not have the offset mount, so had blades that were 1cm to the left of where they were supposed to be... ?
  9. V35 Skyline is similar, the Coupe mid pipe is a bolt on, and the sedan midpipe is identical to the M35.
  10. Welcome to the group!!! The 350Z midpipe will be too short so you will need to weld on/bolt on an extension... It is the V35 Skyline 350GT Coupe that is a direct fit. The V35 sedan has the same massive unit that the M35 has so that is a no go...
  11. First one looks like a touch immobiliser, used to have something similar on one of my cars in the UK. Fuel pumps didn't energise until I touched the contacts together. The other one could be a Nissan accessory alarm, that has been hooked into the central locking.
  12. Any decent mechanic should be able to look after a V36. Just tell them it is a long wheelbase 370Z and they should be okay from a mechanical point of view. Brakes can be a little tricky as there were 3 types of front brake, but it comes down to either single piston, dual piston or the huge 4 pot ones. Each uses different discs.
  13. Is this for your MOT? Unless other Brits can help, it might be similar to same age 350Z?
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